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7 surprising discoveries about brothers

7 surprising discoveries about brothers

The brothers were taken in the spotlight by researchers everywhere, who tried to discover how they influence the other children in the families they come from. Their findings were more than surprising. It seems that the brothers have a major impact on the age at which the sisters start their sex lives, stimulate the fertility of the other boys and seem to help the girls in the relationship with the boys. Here are the most interesting and controversial findings made by the researchers regarding the brothers!

1. Increase blood pressure of older brothers

Younger brothers do not always have positive effects on the older ones. According to a study in Bolivia in 2012, younger siblings tend to be a risk factor for high blood pressure than older siblings. The researchers explain the hypertension based on the fact that younger siblings tend to magnetize all of their parents' attention, which is why older adults are more stressed to make up for lost attention.

2. Help the sisters to be nicer to the boys

A 2006 study at Arizona State University, America, found an interesting effect of siblings on sisters younger than themselves. It makes them more friendly with boys and more successful when they start having their first love affair. Girls get to understand boys better, communicate and bond more easily with their friends because of their childhood interactions with their older siblings.

3. Delay the moment of the first sexual contact of their sisters

Younger siblings have an unexpected effect on their older sisters. A study undertaken in 2010 at Western University of Australia, found that the presence of younger siblings in the lives of older sisters delayed the onset of girls' sexual lives at least one year compared to other girls, older siblings or sisters.

4. Defer the arrival of menstruation to their sisters

It seems that the brothers have numerous effects on the sexual development of their sisters. It does not only influence the age of the beginning of the sexual life or the way it interacts with the boys, but also the moment of their entry into puberty. According to the same Australian study mentioned above, girls who have older siblings tend to have their first menstruation much later than most girls.

5. It positively influences the fertility of their brothers

Even though excess testosterone from a family with many boys seems to create a lot of conflict, there is also a positive side to how it influences the sexual development of boys. A 2012 study at the University of Sheffield, UK, found that men who have more siblings than sisters have better sperm quality and are more fertile than others.

6. Influence the sexual orientation of the brothers

Surprisingly, the brothers seem to influence not only the fertility but also the sexual orientation of the other boys in the family. A 2006 study by researchers at Brock University in Canada revealed a shocking discovery: older siblings increase their chances of siblings becoming gay. The study was conducted on a sample of 700 gay men. From the data gathered by specialists, the first born in a family with several brothers has over 3% chances to become homosexual, while the chances of the fourth born of the family doubles to 6%. Scientists have put this effect on the "maternal immunization hypothesis," a controversial theory, which is based on the idea that the production of antibodies that influence sexual orientation increases with each birth of the mother.

7. I am a harmful influence

The brothers seem to be the "bad market", if we take the conclusions of a study undertaken in 2005, at Wichita State University, USA. Scientists have found that, often, deviant behaviors of older siblings negatively impact their younger siblings, who seem to be more likely to venture into risky behaviors, such as drug use or unprotected sexual intercourse. .

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