The safest cars for children

The safest cars for children

When you become a parent, the selection criteria of the things that surround you change, and the first one on the list becomes the child's safety. The safety criterion is crucial in choosing a family car. Beyond comfort, equipment and accessories, it is recommended to choose cars that offer special safety measures for the health of the baby.

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Here are the safest cars for the little ones according to euroncap.com!

Volkswagen Beetle

The small and friendly car-shaped car from Volkswagen is one of the cars that offers increased safety for children during their travels.

Following safety tests at impact or in case of accidents, Beetle obtained maximum points regarding the protection of a 3-year-old child.

To test the safety, a special dummy was used, which was placed in several positions, and then resorted to simulating several types of accidents, so as to observe how the car behaves and the child is affected (both those who I travel in a car seat, as well as most of my grandmother).

The German car has proven to be very safe for the child's health in most types of impact, managing to protect it through the airbags and special equipment it is equipped with.

Subaru XV

The Japanese crossover car has proven 90% efficient in protecting children from accidents.

Experts have especially tested the car's ability to withstand strong impacts and how it affects children up to 2 years old, who are seated in special car seats during travel.

When simulating the frontal impact, the forward movement of the child dummy, fixed in a car seat facing forward, was not very high, and at the lateral impact, the dummies (the child and the driver) managed to avoid significant movement from the positions. and avoid hitting head to head.

The passenger airbag on the right is stopped from the factory to protect the children who are being held in the car seat with their backs to the windshield from severe injury if triggered.

Honda Odyseey

Honda Odyseey, launched in 2009, is one of the safest cars for the little ones.

This has been tested for several types of impact that the car can suffer and has obtained maximum points in all simulations, unless it rolls.

Even with this small deficit, the car also obtained in the rolling test 4 out of 5 points, which makes it a very safe and resistant car against potential accidents.

Side airbags and windows made of super impact-resistant materials create a safe "fortress" for children against traffic hazards.

Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet sedan is one of the safest car options when you have children. Less reliable than the Beetle or Subaru XV, the Chevrolet nevertheless managed to pass 83% of the safety tests and prove a powerful and resistant car in the face of possible accidents.

The simulations were performed on dummies that embodied small children, positioned in a car seat, facing the windshield or vice versa, and offered promising results, the effects of the impacts not being too great, and the head of the child and the driver were avoided, in especially in lateral impact.

As general directions for choosing the car you should keep in mind that large cars, SUVs or mini-vans are considered to be safer than other sedan or compact cars. They are more unstable and roll more easily in accidents than the other types.

It aims to buy cars that are safe from the risk of rolling, which are equipped with electronic stability control system, so that you can easily manipulate the movements of the car on rough terrain or in dangerous coils and thus avoid accidents . This system allows the car to stabilize and maintain a stable driving direction.

Always ask the consultants of the car representative from which you want to buy the car about the safety measures to protect the children with which the car is equipped and what advantages it presents for the safety of the family, unlike other brands on the market.

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