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Daily learning activities for your child

Daily learning activities for your child

There are several activities that every child must do daily for his education and development - play, reading, communication, walks, etc. It is important to encourage him to get involved in these activities and make sure that they are part of his daily routine since he was young, in order to gain healthy habits in late childhood, but also into adulthood.

Domestic activities

The involvement of the child in usual activities in the family or in household chores has an undeniable value in his development.

The child can learn a lot about physics or chemistry when he helps you cook, as he can learn the mysteries of mathematical calculations by counting the ingredients for the cake or the toys that need to be put in their basket.

Home cleaning, dust removal, and shopping with you are important lessons in your child's education and learning.

It helps the child discover new things, involving him every day in your plans and daily activities.


Every day, in your program and your child's, you have to synchronize half an hour of talking, without playing or doing anything else at that time.

It is your moment, when the child can say his steps, worries or concerns and he can ask your advice.

If you manage to teach him as a child to have these "confession" moments, the child will more easily trust you, lie to you less and you will be the first person to call when he needs help.


Whether they are made on foot, in the park or through the city, or in the family's personal car, the walks offer the child the opportunity to explore and learn a lot of things.

During the rides, the little boy best adheres to the road rules, learns to count by calculating the number of cars in a parking lot or learns to read, recognizing letters from the registration numbers of the cars, reading the slogans on the panels, etc.

Outdoor walks, in the park or in the mountains, prove the best lesson in biology, but also in geography or zoology. The child learns different things every time he leaves the house.


Shopping with the child is a special activity and an important source of learning for him.

Besides the fact that it is a unique opportunity to learn how to deal with money, what they are used for and what is the real value of things, shopping is also an important opportunity to explain to them how things are with savings and spending planning.


Play should not be missing from the child's daily routine. It needs both individual and group games with other children, or with you. Each of the 3 categories of play offers the little one important educational lessons.

Individual play causes him to think and discover solutions to problems alone, the one with other children teaches him team spirit and good manners - to wait his turn, to share things, to cooperate etc. - and the moments of play with you are essential because it helps you spend quality moments with him and to get closer to each other.


Reading is just as important as many other educational activities.

Get your child used to daily reading stories and always talk about books and the wonderful universe he creates, so that he can enjoy the pleasure and joy of reading.

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