Android apps for pregnant women

Android apps for pregnant women

Smartphones that use Google's Android system now offer a number of applications specifically designed for pregnant women, capable of providing useful pregnancy information and answers for the frequent curiosities of future mothers.

Here are 10 programs of this type that can accompany you virtually in the magical journey of motherhood.

Android applications help you find out the date you will be born, the stage of development of your baby and a series of tips on how to take good care of yourself during the 9 months of pregnancy. Applications can be downloaded from the Internet by accessing

Pregnancy Assistant

The Pregnancy Assitant application, launched on November 1, 2011, ensures that the information regarding your child's development accompanies you everywhere. You will be able to observe the evolution of the pregnancy step by step, from the first day to the 40th week. All you have to do is enter the date of the last menstrual cycle, and the software will handle the rest.

Neonatal Knowledge

Do you want to have medical information regarding the neonatal field at all times? The Neonatal Knowledge application, launched in August 2010, is a mini-dictionary that gives you in a few seconds the answers you are looking for regarding the development of your baby in scientific terms.

Pregnancy Notes

This tool launched by the Android system allows you to create, edit and save various notes (notes) under the protection of a password. With Notes Pregnancy you have a whole range of formatting styles, you can prioritize the entries as you like and you can add photos from your phone directly to the text you create. Here is a good way to keep the most beautiful memories during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Ticker

The Pregnancy Ticker program accurately calculates the term of birth and constantly notifies you of the stage in which you are pregnant. At the same time, it displays information about the related quarter and many useful tips for future parents. The paid version comes with a different photo of the fetus each week.

Baby Bump

Baby Bump contains weekly notifications about fetal pregnancy and size, diary, calendar, fetal movement or contraction counting system, snapshots, weight control charts and nutritional tips.

Pregnancy and Medication Safety

Perfect for pregnant women, new mothers, pediatric doctors or obstetricians, the Pregnancy and Medication Safety application is dedicated to medicines of interest for pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor and birth.

The information is taken from prospectuses approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the US government agency that regulates consumer protection in the US medical and food system.

Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar

This professional application was specially designed for the gynecological sector, under the guidance of a qualified specialist. Women can enter the duration and regularity of their menstrual cycle, and the program automatically calculates fertile days. The Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar can be used both to monitor a desired conception and to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Mom 2 Be Free

Mom 2 Be Free is an application that monitors pregnancy and offers a whole host of tips for future moms, future dads, family and friends about baby's coming into the world. Contains journal, daily statistics on the growth of the fetus, system for sharing information to other contacts on the phone, at the user's request.

Pregnancy Diet

The Pregnancy Diet app measures all the dietary requirements that every pregnant woman needs to take into account and helps you choose the right menus, identify the important nutrients you need and prepare tasty recipes that will keep you fit.


The Daddy511 application is an easy-to-use contraction timer for pregnancy monitoring. The program estimates how advanced the pregnancy is, stores information about the hospital and the medical team and notifies you when it's time to head to the birth ward. Another advantage of the software is that it can be used for free.