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ABC of parenting today

ABC of parenting today

Modern parenting swings between necessity and fashion. The baby clothes are no longer divided into pink and blue, but between synthetic and organic, and as it grows, you can no longer rely on the simple skirt with pampons or pants with vest, but on trends emo, retro, hippie etc.

Neighborhood schools are no longer of interest in modern parenting either, Waldorf and Montessori being the main education systems that modern parents choose for their child's education.

Welcome to the world of modern parents, who need a guide to understand some modern terms of parenting or to keep up to date with the trends in raising and educating the contemporary child!



Breastfeeding is the most recommended and healthy way to feed your baby immediately after birth. Specialists from the American Pediatric Association recommend a minimum of 6 months of breastfeeding the baby, due to the unique and remarkable properties of breast milk on its development and health.


ADHD or attention deficit disorder is the most common behavioral disorder among children, which affects their social and emotional development. It is also one of the greatest fears of modern parents. For a child to be diagnosed with ADHD, he or she must have symptoms from all three main categories: hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention deficit and concentration.


Adoption is a means by which couples can become parents when faced with the diagnosis of infertility. More and more modern parents are interested in this process in the modern era, and the law has become accessible to more and more people in Romania.

Even single people (who do not form a couple) can raise children. Remote adoption has taken a huge toll on celebrities and has inspired many parents to help orphaned children, even if taking responsibility for the child is only partial, compared to classical adoption.


Adolescence is one of the most delicate stages of childhood, of which many parents are terrified. The physical and emotional changes that occur with the transition to adolescence create a lot of confusion in the mind of the child still in search of their own identity.

For this reason, acts of rebellion, defiance, and all the negative behaviors that many parents label as naughty appear. The secret that helps you survive, as a parent, in the adolescent stage of the child, is to keep the lines of communication open with him and to gain his respect, but especially his confidence.

Parental attachment

The theory of parental attachment was developed by pediatrician William Sears in the 1980s, and is characterized by an affectionate, instinctive parenting style of raising and caring for the child.

Although it was better conceived and promoted 30 years ago, this technique based on affection and on strengthening the emotional relationship between the child and parent is extremely current in the way of raising the child.


Anemia is a condition that often plagues children, from birth to late childhood. The lowering of the iron level in the body is responsible for the appearance of the pale color of the cheeks, of the molasses, the lack of appetite or the tiredness of the child. Eating rich in iron foods is the key to preventing this disease in children.


Allergies are some of the most common disorders of children. The terms non-allergic or hypoallergenic become basic words in the modern parent's vocabulary, regardless of whether it is detergent, diapers, baby bottles or food.


Autism is a neuropsychiatric illness that affects the child's ability to communicate and socialize with others. It is more common in boys than in girls, and the symptoms begin to be noticed somewhere between 1.5-3 years.

It is characterized by problems of communication, social isolation, obsessive behaviors and repetitive movements, inability to show or receive evidence of affection or to show fear of dangers.

Anger attacks

Anger attacks (tantrums) are the most common behavioral problems encountered in children 2-3 years old. Although parents confuse reactions of excessive crying, screaming, kicking or rolling with the naughty behaviors, in reality, are manifestations that are part of the natural development of the small child.

There are methods by which the child communicates his frustrations, anger and anger, when he does not have sufficiently developed language. But this does not mean that they must be tolerated or allowed to pass by themselves!


Good (Babysitter)

Bona or babysitter is a term that appears frequently in the vocabulary of modern parents, who is constantly looking for a balance between personal life, career and child care.

Bona generally enters the "stage" when the mother decides to return to work after birth. Her choice must take into account several criteria: references, experience, charisma, emergency preparedness or situations that require first aid.


The blogosphere is a virtual space in which the modern parent can find great solutions, tips and ideas regarding the tendencies regarding the growth of the child or the problems that he often faces in his discipline. In addition, creating a personal blog can become a "parenting journal" in which thoughts, impressions, joys can be shared.

Ballistic (ballistic)

Stuttering is a natural stage in the development of language or speech in children during the baby period and manifests itself by prolonging, stumbling, omitting or repeating certain letters in words.

There are also situations in which word stubbornness is prolonged until late childhood, when it becomes a speech disorder that requires investigation and speech therapy.

Bio (eco, organic)

trend bio, eco or organic has become the basic rule in parenting. From clothes, food, baby bottles, toys and care products, bio things slip into the choices of more and more modern parents, eager to grow their little ones in the healthiest environment possible.

Baby bathing

Baby bathing can be a daunting task when you are a new parent. Fear of not getting rid of the baby, of not giving it away or of accidenting it during bathing can put a great strain on your shoulders.

Bathing becomes a daily routine after the first week of life of the newborn and requires adherence to certain rules, but also an important routine, to make it easier.


In modern parenting, baby bottles are no longer just plastic or glass containers, which have attached nipples and so on. With the birth of the child, you discover that you are entering a true universe of eco, anti-colic, silicone thermos, self-heating, with "hands free" system and other amenities that make you lose in the decision to buy such a baby container.

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