Breathe with your nose

Breathe with your nose

Berlin-Chemie launches QUIXX®, a 100% natural nasal solution, based on ocean water, which is used to relieve nasal congestion. QUIXX® comes in the form of hypertonic nasal spray, which contains minerals and trace elements from Atlantic Ocean water.

The nose is the pathway to the airway. The nasal mucosa, when intact and optimally hydrated, is an effective barrier that protects the airways from contamination by inhalation of pollutants and microbes.

QUIXX® actively cleanses the nasal passages and reduces nasal mucosal edema in colds, flu and allergies. The nose should be taken care of especially during this period, and irrigation with QUIXX®, hypertonic solution based on ocean water rich in minerals and trace elements, is an effective method to restore the nasal mucosa.

QUIXX® is suitable for the care of the nasal mucosa, the hypertonic solution effectively cleaning and releasing the nasal cavity. QUIXX® is recommended during the cold season, helping to restore the nasal mucosa when we are dealing with congestion due to seasonal flu.

QUIXX® spray can be used without risk, both by adults, pregnant women and breastfeeding women, as well as infants 6 months and older.

QUIXX® covers all aspects of nasal care, from moisturizing and cleaning to preventing and decongesting the clogged nose. For more information on proper care of the nasal horses, visit

This is a medical device. Carefully read the operating instructions.