Home at Santa Claus

Home at Santa Claus

For two weeks, The National Museum of the Village "Dimitrie Gusti" it will be a magical space, dedicated to the family, warmed by the love of others and the spirit of the magical holiday, populated by fabulous characters, in which both the little ones and the big ones are caught in the preparations for the Christmas Eve. Thus, a corner of the Village Museum becomes Home at Santa Claus.

Santa's spirits are ready to lead you through the story world in which Christmas songs and carols will fill the air with optimism and good cheer, mixed with the smell of cakes and sweet cake. Warm flavors of tea, coffee and chocolate will soak you in the Grandmother's Kitchen, pull you out of your nose and chill your hands and feet. You will no longer have any reason not to complete the creative workshops and not get on with the job. Congratulations, gifts, fir ornaments, masks and folk ornaments, sorcoves are ready to come out of your hands and complete the space loaded with spirit and authentic values. Santa himself, no matter how busy he is during this period, will break in time to meet, at least once a week, with the little ones who will visit him, hand in hand with his mother, father or grandparents.
Prepare your most beautiful poems and songs, because Santa likes to listen to you and to reward you as talent! From a story space will not be missing ... the stories.
The fabulous characters will descend from fairy tales and will sit next to you on the carpet. together with them, you will be able to bring joy to the less happy ones, to whom you can leave gifts in the big gift box, from which Mosul will take them further, under the fires of special schools or children's homes. Red, gold or green, the colors are your own! Either to pack in them gifts for the little ones, who are waiting for them elsewhere than at home, or to craft objects for yourself to encompass all the love of the world.
If you have not had time at home or if you did not know his address, come with colored envelopes and leave your wishes in the mailbox at Santa's Post Office. The messengers of Santa will carry all the envelopes with colored wishes, smaller or larger, and will help the old man with the white beard to leave under your fir tree all you deserve.
Even more! It shouldn't have been good all year, because Santa is gentle and forgiving! But a good deed is good to leave in the Great Book of Good Acts. Because beautiful gestures are the most valuable, here, Home at Santa Claus.
Santa's house It will open its doors on December 9 and awaits visitors between the hours 09:00 and 17:00 until December 22. Every day there will be creative workshops, artistic moments, performances, contests and many other surprises.

More information on the site of the museum: National Museum of the Village "Dimitrie Gusti"

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