Ways that dads can calm baby's crying

Ways that dads can calm baby's crying

Even though moms have an advantage over their dads when it comes to calming the baby from crying - breastfeeding, the simple smell or her presence is often enough, neither do the dads lack effective methods in this regard. And they can calm baby's cries by a few simple and successful methods!

The cause of the crying

The first thing you need to do when you notice that the baby has burst into tears is to look for the source from which his reaction starts.
It is important to make sure he does not cry because he has done it and needs to change the diaper, that it is eaten, but especially that he does not feel bad.
Track if you have symptoms related to breathing, rash, skin color, body temperature etc. If it seems healthy, it means that the crying has most likely erupted from boredom and needs to be maintained through play, swing, music, etc.


Not only can moms swing babies. And tactics can be just as good at it. And since rocking is one of the most popular ways to calm baby's cries, then this is the first trick you should try.
All you have to do is take it in your arms and start tying it on your hands or on a cushion, depending on which of the variants is most successful.


If the swing does not show signs of walking, it can be completed with the child's walk through the room. Keep it on your shoulder and walk it around the house. Eventually talk to him whispered during this time and gently handle him on the back.
The walk through the room can be supplemented by the one outside with the stroller or car. Most babies calm down while driving.


It is not very advisable to make the baby addicted to the pacifier. Apply to it as one of the last solutions, after you have tested other variants.
Usually, the suzetica is successful in calming the baby from crying, when she is not hungry, should not be changed or suffer from any affection. The baby sometimes even cries for his boredom to attract attention.

Baby bottle

One of the causes of crying may be hunger or thirst. Try giving him a bottle of milk or a little water (depending on his age). If the baby is breastfed and mommy is around, you will need her help. It is a pity to give her milk powder, if her mother is available and can offer her the best baby food - breast milk.

The music

White noises can be helpful in calming the crying baby. They mimic the sounds of nature and are very relaxing for the little ones.
But there are babies who are not satisfied only with these noises and have their preferences in music. You may have heard the music you listen to frequently and have already created some preferences.
If over time you have noticed that he reacts positively to some songs, try to put those pieces to him when he is crying. Eventually dance in front of him or make all kinds of funny grins.


If nothing seems to work, go for the game. It is possible that the child may be bored and have a desire to play. Put him in a play center or in the middle of some toys (suitable for his age) and see if he shows interest in them.
If he has a favorite toy it is advisable to give him the first one. It will calm down faster.

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