Information - The shortest path to the health of your child! - The shortest path to the health of your child!

From the desire to help parents, Abbott launches the website, the first interactive online map that brings together medical institutions with pediatric competencies in Bucharest. Using the geolocation, the map will find the closest pediatric clinics, clinics or hospitals for the user, calculate the distance and provide information about doctors, facilities and medical services, all to access the shortest route to the child's health.

A special benefit brought by is the emergency button, built especially for the crisis situations in which the child needs immediate medical assistance. It brings together the non-stop medical institutions, and the pages of each institution present the facilities and services available, as well as the shortest route, so that an urgency arising at any time can be solved quickly.

The project is supported by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics: " is a commendable initiative, which comes to the support of both parents and pediatricians. We encourage all pediatric offices and medical institutions with pediatric expertise in Bucharest to register on this site, to provide parents with all the information they need so they can quickly access, from anywhere in Bucharest, the best options for the health of the little ones, "said Prof. Dr. Marin Burlea, President of the Romanian Pediatric Society.

"Abbott has a permanent concern for innovation in services and medical education for patients. In this direction, is still one of the novelties of 2014. Facilitating the pediatrician - parent relationship and the emergency button are two of the main arguments that the pedimap platform recommends. .ro as the shortest route to the health of the child We show our confidence that, with the support of the Romanian Pediatric Society and of all the doctors registered on the map, we can, through, improve the quick access of each parent to useful information in the area. pediatric health, "says Adrian Grecu, General Manager Abbott Romania.

Accessible both on the computer and on the mobile, will offer parents in Bucharest an easy and fast way to obtain complete information for identifying the shortest path to their child's health.