Unisex name for children

Unisex name for children

Expressing one's personality has become an essential part of today's society, which means that parents are tempted to give more freedom to their little ones to manifest their identity. And since the name is a label of utmost importance for each individual, choosing the right one becomes all the more difficult if you are thinking about avoiding the possible dissatisfaction of your child in the future. Here is a list of unisex names for children, which do not put you in danger of opting for a variant with too masculine or too feminine.

The importance of the sound of the name

The new parent-child relationship, based on communication and mutual exchange of views, characterizes the lifestyle of 21st century families.

Since the preferences of your little one are impossible to guess before birth, it is not risky to call your boy "Ghiocel", no matter how ginger you imagine him today. He might rather identify with the personality of a Van Damme when he grows up.

Likewise, a daughter passionate about mountaineering and motorcycling will hate a princess name, such as "Anastasia" or "Rosabella".

Therefore, you only have to orient yourself towards a neutral camp, located between the two extremes of the genre.

Unisex name and their meaning

Adelin / Adeline

A smart third-place in choosing a unisex name for the child is speculation of homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently). One such example is the name with the royal resonance Adelin (masculine) and Adeline (feminine), derived from the German term "adel" - "noble".


Even if at first sight you sound like an ally from the Romanian name "Adrian", the androgynous "Adi" is a unisex name by itself, of Indonesian origin, which means "jewelry" or "precious ornament".


Used as a unisex name in several countries, "Alex" (shortened form from Alexandru and Alexandra) comes from the Greek language and means "human defender".


Popular on the American continent, the name Alexis (with the same origin as Alex) is used for both male and female.


Translated by "angel" and comes from the Latin language, the foreign pronoun name Angel can be used for both sexes.


Used both as the feminine form and as the masculine form, it is derived from the Latin word "caelestis", which means "heavenly, heavenly".

Camil / Camille

Unisex shape inspired by the name of the warrior queen of the volcanoes, Camilla.


Abbreviated with "Daniel" and "Daniela", this unisex name means "God is my judge".

Dominic / Dominique

Of Latin origin, this name means "lord" and "belongs to God."


Of English origin, the name Erin comes from "Eireann" - "Ireland".


Abbreviating the names "Gabriel" and "Gabriela", Gabi means "God is my power" or "the strong man of God".


The English name Harper means "the one who plays the harp".


Abbreviation of the names Iulian and Iulia, this name has its roots in the Latin term "hitis", the name of the supreme division.


Often used as an abbreviation for the name Marian / Mariana, Mari is a derivative of the Egyptian origin term "mry" - lover or "mr" - love.


The name of African origin Uzoma is an exotic choice, suitable for both sexes, meaning "the one who follows the right paths".


English unisex name, Vivian is a derivative of Vivianus, which means "lively", "lively".

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