Barbie, a collection doll for over 50 years!

Barbie, a collection doll for over 50 years!

Have you ever wondered who Barbie is? Who invented it, what's her story? The most popular doll in the world, with a multitude of trades, sold in millions of copies and dressed in different costumes is and will remain a toy loved by children.

The Barbie doll became a cultural symbol in America, and in 1974, for a week, a section of Times Square in New York was renamed "Barbie Boulevard." Barbie made her television debut with her own series "Barbie (1987)" and appeared as a supporting character in the films "Toy Story 2 (1999)" and "Toy Story 3 (2010)". In 2013, a Barbie-themed bar called "Barbie Cafe" was opened in Taiwan.

Barbie is definitely the toy that revolutionized the doll world. Created 59 years ago, on March 9, 1955 and launched in 1959, Barbie is the most appreciated and known toy in the world.

The whole story started in 1955, when Ruth Handler and her husband presented a doll at the American "Toy" fair in New York. The idea of ​​the dolls was suggested by their little girl, Barbara, 10 years old, who, bored with the dolls in the paper, wanted a doll to represent a lady, as she was dreaming to arrive.

The lady-looking doll has been a resounding success since the first moment, and the toy was requested by many manufacturers. Ruth Handler realized that the doll needed a name and "christened" Barbie, after the name of her daughter, Barbara.

Over time, the doll's appearance has been refined. Thus, in 1965, an American company launched the American Girl Barbie model, a doll with foldable hands and feet, and within five years of its launch, the company was already selling millions of dolls a year. In 1967, another American launches dolls dressed according to the models presented on the big fashion podiums, in 1970 the markets of the world are filled with blonde Barbie dolls, brown and adapted to the ethnic types on all continents, and a year later the doll eyes were drawn so that it looks like I'm looking ahead.

The story goes that the full name of the doll is Barbara Millicent Roberts and comes from the town of Willows (Invented City). He attended a school in his hometown and attended Manhattan International High School in New York. Barbie had a relationship with Ken, which appeared on the market in 1964. Ken was "christened" by the name of one of the children of the doll inventor - Ruth Handler. Around this relationship was created a true story, so, in 2004, a press release appears that Ken and Barbie separated, and that in 2011 they will become a couple again.

Barbie has a lot of pets: 21 dogs, 12 horses, 3 ponies, 6 cats, a parrot, a chimpanzee, a panda bear, a giraffe and a zebra. He owns a whole series of cars and a pilot license for a commercial airline. The doll career was created to confirm the multitude of jobs that a woman could have: dentist, astronaut, rock star, presidential candidate, teacher, veterinarian, soldier, singer, Olympic athlete.

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