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Trap situations when dieting and how to cope

Trap situations when dieting and how to cope

You have started on a lean diet and, although you are coping with the rules regarding meal times and recommended foods, it is quite difficult to resist the temptations. Meetings with friends, parties or social events, cooking and even the refrigerator or room in your kitchen can sabotage your effort to lose weight.

When the will begins to "wobble" in front of a confectionery, the delicious smell of fries or a delicious menu at a party, it is important to consider some tips that help you get out of the "clean fairy" in these situations. delicate!

Parties and social events

Weddings, baptisms or birthday parties are some of the greatest saboteurs in weight loss diets. There are situations - the trap where the temptation to give up "at least one day" to the regime is too great to cope. Since you cannot bypass all these events during the diet, it is advisable to take precautionary measures and to resort to some tricks that will keep you away from the goodies on the table:

  • eat well before going to the party;
  • or consume fewer calories that day, to leave room in the menu of a single preparation at the party, possibly a small slice of cake;
  • Find an occupation when serving dishes (dance, go for a short walk, take pictures, etc.).

Preparing food at home

Yes, cooking at home is healthier and more recommended for your family, but the temptation to taste each dish is very high. While cooking, it is almost inevitable that you will not roast the ingredients or taste the food to see if it is salty or not.

You risk that instead of confining yourself to the snack, taking in the pots and trays and waking up, you actually consumed more calories than your diet allowed. Eat well before you start cooking and try to grill only the low-calorie ingredients in the recipes you prepare for your loved ones: salad leaves, fruits, vegetables, etc.

The refrigerator or room full of unhealthy food

Your kitchen has to enter a very strict "diet" from the first day you start a weight loss diet. It is advisable to order in the fridge and the room and get rid of all the unhealthy, high-calorie and fat-filled foods that you know you have sweet eyes and you can't bypass them in your menu.

Supply your kitchen only with the foods allowed in the diet, and the least indicated ones, which your family members consume, hide them as far behind the fridge or rooms as possible, so that you do not jump very easily in the eyes.

Meals in the city

Meetings with friends always have a restaurant, where you spoil yourself with all kinds of dishes chosen. Meals in the city are one of the trap situations where you easily sabotage your diet.

It is difficult to refrain from enjoying your favorite kind of pasta or pizza and limit yourself to only 2-3 leaves of salad on a plate. Therefore, it is important to move your meetings in the city with your loved ones in bars or clubs, where you only consume drinks and it is easier for you to refrain from "delicacies".

Lunch from work

Lunch at work can put you ahead of another diet challenge. If you do not mind taking your home packet with the foods you are allowed to eat during the meal, you may be tempted to eat unhealthy snacks and snacks or, why not, order a tasty pizza.

If you take your food in the pack, you will not sabotage (as easily) your diet and you will also save money, because you will not spend more money on all kinds of unhealthy foods.

What were the biggest challenges or temptations for you when you were dieting and how did you deal with them? Help us complete the list of possible trap situations that moms can go through during their diets, but also with the best tips to bypass them! Share your experience in the comment section below!

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