Things you need after the baby is born

Things you need after the baby is born

As you approach the end of pregnancy and the birth of the baby, it is extremely important to develop a lot of things that relate to the arrangement of the baby's room and the supply of accessories and devices for the care of the newborn, but also with car seat and room furniture. Here are some essential things to plan and have done when you are giving birth and having a baby at home!

Baby's room

Whether or not the baby has his or her own room, the space in which he will sleep and spend most of his time must be prepared for his coming home from maternity.

It is extremely important to clean, to paint and repair any defects or problems with walls or windows and to have at least a few essential pieces of furniture.

This is the baby crib, which is very important for rest, relaxation and safe sleeping. Make sure the crib is properly fitted and equipped with the mattress and, eventually, you can mount a carousel over it, with lights and music.

Whether you bought or not wrapped or changed the baby is important in the room where you will have a space for these things, even if it is improvised. It should be equipped with a soft mattress to hold the baby and with storage spaces for diapers, wet towels, creams and lotions, ointments and other things that you need to change or dress the baby and you need to- ndemana.

The baby's room should also contain a candlelight or a lamp for daylight, at night, a sway for breastfeeding, sleeping or calming the baby, a cd player or musical instrument that the little boy will fall asleep in the evening or help him to calm down when cry.

Things to take care of the baby

Taking care of the baby involves a lot of things that ensure his well-being and health every day. From the baby room there is no shortage of the following care products, which any fresh parent needs:

  • diapers;
  • wet towels, disposable;
  • ointment or cream for diaper irritation;
  • medicinal vaseline;
  • mattress for changing and laying the baby when you dress it;
  • cloth diapers or towels for regurgitation;
  • pacifiers;
  • bottles;
  • toys;
  • plastic bags and trash bags for dirty diapers;
  • breast milk pump;
  • nasal aspirator;
  • rectal thermometer;
  • medicines (for flu, fever, etc., but only those recommended by the pediatrician);
  • products for the care of injuries and light wounds (spray with hydrogen peroxide, patches, bandages, etc.);
  • room humidifier etc.

Special devices and accessories for babies

Any newborn or baby must be carried with the help of special products or devices, which helps it to be safe during transport and also contributes to the comfort of parents. These include:

  • car seat;
  • cart;
  • sling or baby carrier.

But there are other devices that contribute to the good development of the child and to his care as appropriate and safe. These are:

  • bath chair;
  • dining chair;
  • walker;
  • baby monitor etc.

Products needed for the baby's bath

Baita is a daily ritual for babies and it also implies some safety rules and useful accessories to facilitate the washing of the baby:

  • baby shower;
  • soft cotton towels;
  • special baby shampoo;
  • baby soap;
  • brush or comb, especially for babies;
  • Bathrobe;
  • massage oil etc.

The first clothes of the baby

Although many parents tend to buy many baby clothes from birth, this is not indicated, because the baby grows up a lot in the first months of life and many of them will not wear them. Here are some of the first clothes you should have:

  • 6 bodies;
  • 6 pajamas;
  • 3-4 pairs of socks or boots with elastic band;
  • 3-4 blankets to be wrapped;
  • 1 blanket to cover the baby in the crib;
  • 1 pullover;
  • 2 caps;
  • 1 overalls (for cold weather).

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