5 easy steps to convince your baby to give up bedside tables

5 easy steps to convince your baby to give up bedside tables

Giving up bedside tables can be a natural process, in which the baby naturally gets used to another feeding program, without your intervention being major. Just as well, however, the little one might need to be taught gradually with the absence of night tables and the process to be more time-consuming and time-consuming. And if you are in a position to convince your baby to give up bedside tables, here's what you have to do!

Arm yourself with patience

After the age of 6 months, the baby, who in the meanwhile has reached the optimum weight and the corresponding stage of development, can give up the night tables. But reaching this threshold does not necessarily mean willingly giving up the food and comfort offered by the mother's breast, including at night.

In this case, if you decide that it's time to teach your baby not to wake up at night and sleep peacefully from the last meal until the next morning, arm yourself with patience and do everything in small steps. An idea might be to postpone, every night, the moment you feed him. When he starts to cry, do not ignore him, but wait for about 15 minutes until you give him what he wants. Slowly but surely, the baby will adapt to the required schedule.

Give her a more consistent evening meal

Also after 6 months, the baby may have a more consistent meal in the evening, before going to bed, which will keep the hunger sensation for longer. In this sense, you can combine their milk with some cereals or with biscuits adapted to its age group.

He understands why he is crying

As it grows, your baby will no longer need meals as often as in the first 2-3 months of life. If, initially, you breastfeed it every 3 hours, the interval between two meals will gradually increase. In fact, it must be said that a child over 1 year of age needs a more uninterrupted sleep, from evening to morning, than from overnight milk.

In this case, even if the baby is over 6 months old, the baby continues to wake up at night and cry, waiting to be breastfed, it may not be about the feeling of hunger, but about the comfort he feels then when you take him in his arms and put him to the breast. In these circumstances, it gradually disables him to fall asleep in his breast and replaces this habit with others, such as the handles provided when the baby is in bed.

You can also sing a swing song to him, if you know that it calms him down and helps him fall asleep easier.

Feed it late at night

Another effective way to help your little one easily give up their night tables is to offer their evening meal at one hour as late as possible, even before you go to bed. Breastfeeding at 10-11am should, in time, cause him to rest quietly and the village until 5-6am.

Dilute milk at night

A recurring practice is also this: the gradual dilution of the milk offered at night, when you feed your baby with the bottle. Initially, you will reduce the amount of milk a little, replacing it with water, after which you will be able to completely reduce the amount of food offered, until the little one completely escapes the need to receive food during the night.

How did you disassociate your baby from the night tables? Share us your experience in the comment section below!

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