Daddy, are you Santa?

Daddy, are you Santa?

The moment your little boy learns that Santa is a beautiful lie and not a reality can be difficult for parents. When the child asks "Daddy, are you Santa?", The holiday magic loses a little of its glow.

Parents sometimes make great efforts to preserve Santa's illusion when children grow up and find out, most often from friends, that Santa is not true.

The advantage of this moment is that when the child no longer believes in Santa, he is more open and interested in the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas in the first years of life

Baby's First Christmas is always a time you want your baby to remember, but you don't have to put too much effort into it. The pictures or videos now represent the only thing your little one will appreciate when he grows up.

Around the age of two or three, the child begins to understand the rules of the world in which he lives, and a stranger in a red suit with a long, white beard can scare him.

Most children learn to truly appreciate Santa around the age of four, when they are only a few years old until they find out the truth.

"Daddy, are you Santa?"

At your kindergarten or first year of school, your little one will find out from other colleagues that Santa doesn't exist, but there are still hopes for extending the magic of Christmas in the family.

When you find out from another child that Santa is his father, your little one can ask this question that is not usually the parent's delight.

With a few reasonable answers and explanations, you can still convince him that Santa Claus still exists and is responsible for the gifts that appear under the fir tree every year.

How can you prolong the magic of Santa?

When the child asks you directly if there is Santa, it is not advisable to lie to him. An evasive response of the type "As long as children believe in Santa, he exists" can be enough for your little one.

It is better that when your little boy meets Santa, he is a stranger. Children can easily recognize relatives or family members, by the eyes, but also by the hands.

When Dad plays the role of Santa, it is important to wear a full suit, containing white gloves and a beard to cover as much of the front as possible.

If your little one is not thrilled with the moments when he meets strangers, the meeting with Mosul can be tense. Do not force the child to stand at the foot of Santa and do not dispute if he forgets the poetry he repeated for this moment.

When he is too agitated and scared of the novelty of the moment, the little boy can associate some negative feelings with Santa. For this reason, it is important to respect his wishes and not to force him at Santa's lap, even if he is a father.

Moment of truth

When the moment of truth comes, try to explain it in a most gentle way. You can explain to him that the secret about Santa's existence is shared by adults only with older children.

The magic of childhood holidays fades with the maturation of your little one. For this reason, the most beautiful gift you can make to your little Christmas is to make him believe another year in the magic of Santa.

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