With Andreea Marin and Bebe Bucovina about a balanced lifestyle, in the "Prepare life" caravan

With Andreea Marin and Bebe Bucovina about a balanced lifestyle, in the "Prepare life" caravan

For two months, the "Pretuieste vida" tour reached 14 of the largest cities in Romania, where Andreea Marin held women's leadership seminars for over 10,000 participants. Bebe Bucovina was with Andreea Marin and her guests in the two hours spent in each city, in discussions about how we can achieve the supreme balance between soul, body and mind, for a beautiful and dignified life.

The "Pretuieste vida" caravan, conducted under the signature of the Mothers' School, was a good opportunity to remind the participants that the little ones have a much more sensitive body than the adults and need the increased attention and protection from their parents. Healthy eating, cognitive development and ensuring a balanced growth environment for children were the main topics discussed with the mothers attending the seminars.

"When we started the Prepare for Life caravan, our challenge was to be able to share with as many people as possible ideas and ways in which each of us can live beautiful and dignified, along with the whole family. The health of our children is one of the most important concerns addressed in the seminars. Together with the participating mothers, we understood even better that we should give our children all the attention and protection needed for a good development and I was glad to find that someone thought of a water that would meet the special needs. of the little ones - Bebe Bucovina. Now, at the end of the event, I am confident that we have managed to offer the participants in the seminars a more optimistic perspective on life, "said Andreea Marin.

"The concern for a healthy lifestyle has led us to join the caravan" Pretuiesete vida ". Bebe Bucovina is a product that responds to the need for proper hydration and healthy nutrition that parents want to provide to the little ones. bag-in-box, unique on the Romanian market, is specially designed to preserve the properties of water for a long time after de-icing, guaranteeing the freshness of the product's life, under conditions of maximum hygiene. Through the products from the Bucovina range we support and encourage the adoption of a way of balanced life, for the whole family, "added Andreea Constantinescu, Marketing Manager Rio Bucovina.

The "Pretuieste vida" caravan took place from May 7 to June 19, in 14 cities throughout the country: Constanta, Galati, Timisoara, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj, Targu Mures, Bistrita, Pitesti, Iasi, Oradea, Bucharest and Drobeta Turn Severin. For two hours, participants at the event addressed topics such as women's rights, healthy family life, professional training, entrepreneurship and other topics of interest for a life full of optimism and balance. The event was also supported by BebeBucovina.