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Baked apple cream with peppers

Baked apple cream with peppers

Baked applesauce is a tasty and nutritious dessert that you can introduce in the child's menu after the age of two, when it develops better the ability to chew and roast hard foods and to tolerate raw eggs!

Preparation time

5 min. + 30-40 min. (Baking)




2 apples

1 albus

2 tablespoons brown sugar

3 pools

1 drop of vanilla essence

Method of preparation

Bake the apples in the shell, preheated oven, until softened well. Then remove the shells and the stumps and keep only the pulp, Crush it well, until you get a puree, and while it cools, prepare the egg foam.

Beat the egg white with a little salt, then incorporate the brown sugar and vanilla essence and mix everything until the sugar melts. It incorporates the blueberry foam in the apple puree and serves the cream obtained with chopped peppers in half near.

Carefully supervise the child as he snacks or chews chopsticks to avoid the risk of drowning with food.

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