Winter games for children, to practice at home

Winter games for children, to practice at home

What are we replacing with snow?

When the weather outside is tight or your little one is sick, you can't get him out, and winter games are hard to put into practice. You have nothing to do and you have to find solutions to move the cold season games into your little house. We teach you how to make a snowman or give birth to a snowflake, even if the little one is isolated in the house!

Building a snowman

Snowman is the most beautiful symbol of snowfall and one of the fun activities of children among the snowflakes that pop up when it is snowing.

If outside has not yet snowed or your little one can not leave the house, but still wants to make a snowman, then be creative and give birth and face to a snowman fixed in your dear house.

Everything is about imagination and even if you do not have the work of cold winter flakes, the little man will be a real one. You need flakes or wool or wool to fill 3 pieces of material sewn into the circle and of different sizes.

After finishing the 3 parts that make up the body, it is time to cheat them and choose, together with the little one, the most suitable buttons, but also the materials from which to make them. Do the same for the eyes or nose or mouth.

Do not forget to put a scarf, hat and possibly a maturica set aside. Now you have the perfect snowman, which does not melt and can be stored until the year, in winter.

Snowball battles

If it starts to snow outside and your baby cries after a snowball beating, then it gives birth to a flail, even in the room.

Bulgarians may be harder to imitate, but a fierce pillow-like beating from which flakes emerge successfully replaces a battle with Bulgarians from the Trojans.

Walking with skates

Skating is one of your favorite winter activities and a chance for your little one to make physical movement in the cold season. There is no joke that does not adore the races on skates and the accommodations in the asshole or the hot celery drink on the edge of the ice rink.

You have no way to bring ice in the house, not even the artificial one, but you can replace the skates with a roller race through the house. Usually, you do not let the child go with them through the house, but you can make a small exception, when your soul breaks when you see how sad it is that he does not have the opportunity to skate.


Outside began to snow? Then swim in the house! Plan with your little one a big snow with paper flakes, which you can hang or stick to chandeliers and ceilings.

Draw several flakes of different sizes on paper, using special templates to print. Then cut them and attach them to each one. The beads must also be of different sizes, so that when the flakes hang from the ceiling they are at different heights.

After that, start hanging or gluing the ceiling. If you want, you can also glue snow flakes to the wall, so that his room looks more like the outside atmosphere.

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