Things to be grateful for during pregnancy

Things to be grateful for during pregnancy

The mission of the future mother is by no means a simple one, if we consider all the physiological challenges and transformations that take place during the 9 months of pregnancy. While it may seem impossible to be ecstatic if you face the annoying constipation, fluid retention or morning sickness, there are also a number of things to be grateful for during pregnancy.

Forget about the less enjoyable parts of the journey you go through to become a mother and look at the full part of the glass: you take part in a true miracle and you are truly lucky. Why? Here are some reasons:

Your partner supports you unconditionally

Even if it doesn't always show you, your partner would give everything to know you and your baby in complete safety. He is either enthusiastic and euphoric, or falls into extreme anxiety, insecurity and fatigue.

Pregnancy and what's going on with you is a real mystery to him, so you don't have to let him guess what you need to do for you. Whatever happens, it will be there when you want an ice cream at 2 in the morning, when you need a foot massage and when you go to work.

You can pull a slumber without being judged

Being pregnant is a real test of fire, and uninterrupted rest during the night can turn into an impossible mission. That is why, during the day, you can enjoy a nap at home, one or two at the office, without fear that you will be judged. After all, you have every reason in the world to maintain your physical vigor for two.

Meet the miraculous pillow of pregnancy

If until now you didn't need extra support for your body during the night, the pregnancy will convince you that it's time to try the pregnancy pillow. This is a special accessory designed to support your neck, back and knees during sleep. By the end of the pregnancy, you will already give her a name for the pillow-wonder and you will call her "your best friend".

The joys of the second trimester of pregnancy

All the positive things you have heard about the second trimester of pregnancy are true: a quiet period awaits you, nausea and fatigue disappear, and body weight does not stop you from moving easily and gracefully. Also, start the contact and communication between you and the baby. The uplifting experiences of future mothers reach their peak, and you will truly realize that inside you is a magical thing.

A new vision of life

Nothing changes your vision more about your own existence than bringing a new life to the world. You begin to truly understand the miracle of humanity, the significance of compassion and sacrifice. Unconditional love takes on a new meaning for you, and selfishness turns into a burning need to give yourself everything for your child's happiness.

First ultrasound

Before the first physiological signs of pregnancy appear, it can be difficult to truly realize that something is going on inside your body. The first ultrasound is a spectacular awakening to reality, where you can see in your own way that your baby is developing in a womb and already has a pulsating heart. Make sure your partner will be present at this particular moment.

The beauty of the round belly

The womb in which your baby develops is one of the most beautiful hypostases in which your body has ever been. Now you can sit upright and proud, with your abdomen out, without tending to hide your forms. Pregnant women have a special beauty, which most of us always evaluate superlatively. The shiny skin and the high energy load make a pregnant woman irresistible in the eyes of others.

Pregnancy, the only intimate period with your baby

After birth, your child will no longer belong to you: everyone will want to take it in their arms, change it, lace it and tie it. During pregnancy, however, you are the only person he comes into contact with: only you feed him, you feel his movements and reactions in the uterus. You will never be so close in this regard to your baby as now.

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