By Saint Andrew, be the allies of children without children!

By Saint Andrew, be the allies of children without children!

Send 2 Euro by SMS to 876 and you will give a child the chance to be listened to at the Child's Telephone.

Together we can do wonders for children without children!

On November 30, 2011, by Saint Andrew, Kanal D and the Children's Telephone Association runs the national marathon of the TV show "A missed call, a lost childhood". Through this action, Kanal D appeals to millions of Romanians to support lonely, misunderstood, neglected, discriminated or rejected children, who have no one to listen to and understand.

With a single SMS at 876 worth 2 euros we can do concrete things for children in difficulty, ensuring access for as many children to the Children's Phone - 116 111. It is vital that this number can call as many children, and at the other end of the thread, there are non-stop social workers and psychologists to guide and protect them.

The number of SMS 876, appealable from the day of Saint Andrew, will be active until December 31.

The TV Marathon "A missed call, a lost childhood" supports the single line of assistance for children, at national level, in Romania, the unique European number: Child's Telephone - 116 111.

Between January 2011 - November 2011, the consultants of the Children's Telephone Association answered a total of 150,720 calls, 4 times more than the calls registered during the same period of 2010, respectively 39,309 calls. 71% of the total number of calls registered between January 2011 and November 2011 were from children.

The requests for help are increasing, so the Child's Phone has to extend its work schedule in order to take over all the children's calls, and this is impossible without supplementing the number of specialists and without expanding the infrastructure.

“Kanal D assumes the role of social mediator and communicator of community problems by being actively involved both through the media and through direct action. The increase of the cases of domestic violence, of aggression on children and of negligence have determined us to actively support a social service dedicated to children: The Child's Telephone.

The campaign 'A missed call, a lost childhood' is the most ambitious project of social responsibility carried out by Kanal D since its launch in 2007. (…) We have committed ourselves for a month to make the viewer public known, through the voices of the stars. ours, the importance of the existence of the unique European number 116 111 for children in Romania. On November 30, all Kanal D programs will enter the TV marathon 'A missed call, a lost childhood' and will discuss the issues most often reported by children by calling 116 111. We wish that at the end of December, as many as possible children and parents to become aware of the importance and usefulness of this phone number and the increasing calls to find an answer at the other end of the thread, "said Maria Popescu, Communication & PR Manager Kanal D Romania.

The number of children in need of support is constantly increasing

"The number of cases of violation of the rights of the child in Romania, according to the database of the Children's Telephone Association, registered in 2011 an alarming increase of 85.37% compared to the same period of the previous year. In this context, at least doubling the number of specialists at the other end of the thread, as well as the extension of the work program and the technical infrastructure are vital measures to ensure the optimum capacity to take over all the aid calls addressed to 116 111. (...) Be join us on November 30 and become for one day the allies of children without children, through a donation of 2 euros to the number of SMS 876! ”stated Catalina Florea, Executive Director, Children's Telephone Association

The statistics provided by the Children's Telephone Association database indicate that, between January 2011 - November 2011, 5,309 of the registered cases required the intervention of the authorized institutions, which represents an increase of 82.31% compared to the previous year, respectively 2,912.

37.49% of these were serious cases of child abuse. The child abuse rate, according to the Children's Telephone Association database, has reached the highest increase compared to any of the 10 years of existence of the organization - 1,990 such cases registered this year, as opposed to the year 2010 in which we counted. 1,270 cases, an increase of 56.69%. This year, the most common form of child abuse is physical harassment (41.60%), followed by neglect (32.92%), emotional abuse (12.26%), sexual abuse (5.13%) , exploitation through work, suicide attempts among children, deprivation of liberty, trafficking of minors.

In 2011, the Children's Telephone Association also experienced an increase of 101.23% compared to the previous year of cases of psychological counseling. Some of the children who received psychological counseling called 116 111 because they felt lonely, misunderstood, could no longer relate to their parents, suffered from family misunderstandings, developed depression, behavioral disorders, fear and anxiety. Other children felt excluded and had difficulty interacting with friends / colleagues. The custody of minors in divorce situations, as well as the maintenance of personal ties are also concerns of the children who contacted us.

Both children and Kanal D stars will be the ambassadors of the TV marathon "A LOST CALL, A LOST CHILDHOOD", both in the Kanal D studios and in the University Square, from where live broadcasts will take place tomorrow, November 30th.