Natural remedies for exhausted mothers

Natural remedies for exhausted mothers

The alert pace you spend every day, from caring for family members to endless responsibilities that press hard on your shoulders, is no wonder that you always feel tired. Here are some natural remedies for exhausted moms, which can help you regain your vigor and lust for life when you feel you don't even have a ton of energy.

Siberian ginseng

This remedy is very effective in combating the symptoms of physical overload and produces long-term beneficial effects for most people. Scientific evidence shows that Siberian ginseng improves physical and mental performance and reduces the incidence of common diseases, such as viral infections.

The recommended daily dose is 400-500 mg capsules, or 10 drops of tincture, administered 3 times daily.

Chinese ginseng

Chinese ginseng has properties similar to those of the Siberian plant and has a venerable history in traditional medicine of the Asian people. Because its effect may be too strong or too stimulating, long-term use is not recommended by specialists.

The conventional dosage is 500-600 mg capsules daily or 100 mg standardized product administered twice daily. Be careful not to use it during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure.

Sweet wood

Sweet wood is a tonic plant, with anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It adds a pleasant taste to herbal tea and can be consumed as a tincture. 1-3 cups of tea made of sweetened wood every day can maximize your physical tone. Also, half a teaspoon of tincture administered 3 times daily works great against exhaustion.


Schisandra is an exotic plant with an impressive number of recommendations in Chinese medicine, which helps to energize the body and strengthen the tissues. This remedy has a calming effect, improves the quality of sleep and memory. Three cups of tea from Schisandra consumed daily can work wonders.

Any other tonic foods such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, hot pepper, mustard and horseradish help speed up blood circulation. When you feel exhausted, your body is cold and tense. All these plants inhibit the physical symptoms of chronic fatigue and help you cope with the daily challenges.

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