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Sex in pregnancy - 6 frequently asked questions

Sex in pregnancy - 6 frequently asked questions

Pregnant sex raises many question marks in the minds of future parents, which is why many of them choose to give up their sex life during the 9 months of pregnancy, thus endangering their relationship. Most of the questions that arise in their minds are related to the safety of the fetus, vaginal lubrication or oral sex, over which there is controversy due to the risk of fatal embolism.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

In most cases, sex is a safe activity during pregnancy. But it is always good to have medical advice in this regard, to be sure that you are out of danger. Only high-risk pregnancies or pregnancies that suffer from vaginal bleeding or amniotic fluid leak can have sex bans during this period.

As a general rule, doctors advise pregnant women to avoid aggressive sexual contact and deep penetration, which can create discomfort in pregnancy.

Can I have oral sex during pregnancy?

In general, oral sex is not forbidden during pregnancy, but the partner must at all costs avoid breathing air into the vagina during oral stimulation techniques. There is the risk of the so-called gaseous embolism, which can be fatal for pregnant women.

Following the breath of air, there is a risk of an air bubble trapping in the blood vessels and, if it reaches the brain, it can deprive it of oxygen. In this situation, there is the danger of permanent brain damage or even death. Cases are very rare, but it is advisable for the partner to be extremely cautious during oral sex.

Why are sexual intercourse more painful during pregnancy?

Not all pregnant women experience pain during sexual penetration. This discomfort occurs in pregnant women who suffer from the dryness of the vaginal mucosa, a condition caused by poor lubrication, caused by the decrease of estrogen levels in the body.

However, there are periods during pregnancy in which the level of this hormone explodes, which contributes to intense lubrication and the disappearance of pain. It is advisable to carefully monitor periods, and if you experience pain, use lubricating gels to combat discomfort.

Can I use sex toys when I'm pregnant?

If sex toys are the "spices" that best satisfy you in bed, do not hesitate to use them when you are pregnant. It is advisable to consider a few rules in their use to avoid the risk of injuring the cervix and endangering your pregnancy. Keep them as clean, lubricated and adjust their length so that they do not injure the cervix during penetration.

The libido plays my part in pregnancy. It is normal?

Sexual desire knows oscillations during this period, due to the numerous hormonal changes that take place in the body. In general, your libido tends to decrease in the first trimester - when you are also experiencing early signs of pregnancy - nausea, fatigue, headaches, etc. Then climb spectacularly in the second quarter - the period when you will enjoy the highest sexual satisfaction. In the latter part of the pregnancy, the sexual desire decreases again - when the tummy is constantly growing, the hemorrhoids or the swelling sensation can put you in the mood for sex.

My partner doesn't want to have sex anymore since he found out I was pregnant. It is normal?

Many men react differently to the news that they will become fathers. For your husband, the baby in your tummy is like a snail that can break at any time. In addition, it also faces a strange feeling of shame or embarrassment. It is an irrational feeling that creates in his mind a scenario that can make him avoid you in the bedroom: that the baby might look at you while having sex.

It is important to be patient with him and to clarify all the problems to the doctor. It is necessary to regain confidence in him and to overcome these feelings, with tact and patience.

What other questions or dilemmas did you have in pregnancy regarding sex? What difficulties did you face and how did you face them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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