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Fear of failure. Top 5 failures of children's fear!

Fear of failure. Top 5 failures of children's fear!

We are all afraid of failures, although we do not want to admit this! Children are even more afraid of failures because they are barely discovering the world.

More and more children are agitated and emotionally stressed, unable to concentrate or are very tired and overworked.

It happens very often that your little one comes from school upset because the other kids laughed at him, because he didn't have the courage to go out in front of the class to say poetry, because he fell off the bike or because he didn't. / girls or boys like it.

The Biocebral range comes to the aid of all smart children, to overcome their fear of failure: Biocebral syrup for children over 1 year and Biocebral capsules for children over 12 years and adults.

Biocebral syrup contains a very well-balanced combination of magnesium, with a role in the transmission of nerve influx and complex B (B1 - vitamin of good mood, B2 - unstoppable during periods of stress, B6 - with antistress role, B12 - ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system and B5 - antidepressant, antiasthenic).

Biocebral capsules contain an innovative combination of Rhodiola, Guarana, Ginkgo biloba and Vitamin B6 and has been effective since the first administration, clinically proven. We all want to achieve performance and be good at what we do. Biocebral capsules help you and your child to concentrate and adapt to stress situations, reduce fatigue and additionally induce an optimism and increase motivation.

The Biocebral range has been specially conceived as a real help for children and adults during periods of intellectual overload or for people with memory deficits and concentration.

The Biocebral range is exactly what you and your child need not to miss!

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