Creative Arts la Roaba de Cultura

Creative Arts la Roaba de Cultura

Creative Arts brings creativity to the green grass, in the friendly space of the Roaba de Cultura in Herastrau Park, where creative workshops will be held all summer, starting May 17th.

For the first weekend of this year's edition of the Wheel of Culture, Creative Arts proposes a journey during the time of the princes and the knights, through a workshop of cardboard castles. The whole family is invited to the workshop on Saturday, May 17, from 6 pm, to build their own castle, which they will then take home.

On Sunday, May 18th, starting at 6:00 pm, Creative Arts invites the friends of Hedwig Creation to the Culture Wheel, who will hold a kinetic sand workshop, causing the little ones to transform the living sand into fabulous shapes. . The workshop will be followed by a painting demonstration on urban toys, supported by artists from Hedwig Creation.

The workshops are held on the grassland near the Pescarus restaurant in Herastrau Park, in the space dedicated to the Roaba de Cultura project.

Participation in workshops is free, within the limits of available places.

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