Teach your child how to cope with online harassment

Teach your child how to cope with online harassment

Bullying in the online environment is a growing problem, with the access of children to the Internet from an increasingly early age. Teach your child how to cope with online harassment. The increasing number of children in social networks leads to copying online behavior of unpleasant behaviors, including harassment and verbal aggression. Uninterrupted bullying can cause depression or even suicidal tendencies among children and adolescents.

Teach him to ignore

The most important advice you can give your child about online attacks is the correct reaction: complete ignorance of the aggressor. Explain to your little one that the aggressor wants an emotional reaction that will satisfy his violent start.

It is very important that your little one does not get into online quarrels with strangers, which can escalate into conflicts and lead to harassment. Teach him to follow the same common sense rules when discussing online, under the protection of anonymity.

The correct way to respond to the aggressions of strangers is ignorance, but if your little one is constantly harassed in the online environment by a schoolmate, you can talk to the teacher, the leaders or even the parents of the aggressor.

Intimacy and online environment

As a parent, you can't always watch every moment your little one spends online. Special filters for pornographic sites can keep your child from inappropriate content for his age, but social networks and forums cannot be censored for attacks and harassment.

What you can do is grow at a young age the need to keep certain things just for him and close. Talk to your little one about posting pictures and personal information in the online environment.

It is not recommended for a child to make and publish, not even on the Facebook profile, pictures with him. They can be ridiculed by colleagues or strangers in an unpleasant way and even constitute a danger to the safety of your little one.

The more your child offers in the online environment more personal information without the protection of anonymity, the greater the risk that they will be used against him in a conflict.

You can help your child cope with these unpleasant incidents in the online environment through communication. Make sure your child discusses with you any aggression or incident in which he or she is involved in the online environment, so that he or she can provide the necessary counseling at the right time.

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