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How do you correct a laudatory child

How do you correct a laudatory child

After the age of 7, children begin to develop a new cognitive ability that causes them to see their own qualities at superlative. As a result, the little ones begin to be extremely enthusiastic about the ideal image they perceive about themselves, trying to make those around them realize their merits. Although you want a confident child in your own strength, it is important to limit your laudatory behavior.
Self-knowledge also brings with it an accentuated egocentrism, which some children inhibit, while others exaggerate.

Why does the family suddenly become laudatory?

Some of the school-aged chil- dren resort to highlighting their trumps and possessions in front of their peers to address certain socialization issues when they need to integrate into a social group.

Thus, if your little one calls himself in front of all the "greatest footballers in the world" or boasts of the impressive assets of family and relatives, it does not mean that he is on the verge of becoming a grandman. He just wants to get his attention, psychologists say.

"I'm better than you"

The competitive spirit reaches its peak at the age of 7, when children think that placing others in a lower position raises their own status in the social environment. If you notice that the little one has made a habit of offending his playmates, explain to him why it is not right to hurt the feelings of others.
Convince him that his nicknames and wicked words will make his friends exclude him from the play circle, but that his generosity and modesty will make him pleasing to everyone.
It does not allow him to boast of the iPad he received from his birthday in front of his friends, especially those from modest families. Ask him to put himself in their place and imagine his life in glassy conditions, without toys and beautiful clothes. You will see the strong impact that empathy can have on children and how quickly it will change for the better.

Praise, the mirror of complexes

A laudable behavior always hides a stringent complex, which the child tries to hide by posing in what he considers to be impossible. Pay close attention to the features he highlights and try to talk to him about it.
Eventually, the praiseworthy will confess his anxiety and so you can help him overcome his complex and give up the dangerous habit of escaping into the social environment.

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