How to convince the child that he must go home

How to convince the child that he must go home

Whether they are in the park or visiting other children, little ones can become hostile when you tell them it's time to go home. Find out how to get the baby out of the play without too much protest.
When they feel great, most preschoolers become frustrated when their parents tell them it's time to go home. To avoid a confrontation or even a scene, you must prepare the solution in advance.

The first thing you can do is tell the child from the beginning how long you will spend or will spend in the activity that pleases them, before they start it. If you know that other fun things happen afterwards, you won't be as vehemently opposed to leaving.

Notify the child in advance of the departure time

The biggest mistake parents make is not to announce the child while leaving, so the baby feels rude from his activity. Notify the child 10 minutes before departure and then two minutes before departure.
So that leaving home is not a tragedy, you can sweeten the moment with other toys: "Who gets first in the car", "Who puts on his first seat belt", "Guess the song from the radio" etc. Another solution is to use the temptation of a toy to which the child does not have access all the time, explaining to him that he can play 10 minutes at home with the toy if he leaves now without opposing.

Show your little one that you understand that he was feeling good and comfort him because he has to leave his friends or play. If you already know when he can try again the activity that has captivated him, tell him the term. When your child accepts that you understand him and that you do everything possible to be good to him, without breaking the rules, he will be more cooperative.
In the situation where the child refuses to listen to you regardless of the tactic adopted, do what is necessary to forcefully take him home, even if that means carrying him in his arms. But avoid the threats like "You will never be allowed here, unless you listen to me", which will further upset the child and aggravate the situation.
If you've managed to keep your cool, talk to the little guy when he calms down on his wrong behavior and ask him if you can do something to help him leave easier next time.

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