How to treat yourself in case of a urinary tract infection

How to treat yourself in case of a urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is a common disorder of the female and male genital system, caused by the presence of germs and bacteria. In the world, urinary tract infections are classified as the second most common infection after respiratory infections. Moreover, research has shown that one in five women develops a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. In men, urinary tract infections are not so common, but when they do occur, they are more severe than in women.

A urinary tract infection can be caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria. However, most commonly, urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria. Bacteria rapidly enter the urinary tract and are rapidly eliminated, usually before causing infections.

Urinary tract infections can be caused by any type of bacteria, but are most commonly triggered by Escherichia Coli or E coli. These are bacteria that are normally found in the intestines. Urinary tract infections with Escherichia Coli can be painful or uncomfortable, but they are easy to treat and prevent.

Urinary tract infections caused by E coli have a variety of symptoms. These include pain in the lower back or pelvis area, as bacteria cause inflammation of the kidneys and bladder.

If the bacteria concentrates on the urethra, you will experience a burning and pain sensation during or after the completion of urination. The urine may be dark or cloudy, its odor will change and it may even contain blood.

To determine if a person is suffering from a urinary tract infection, the doctor will ask the patient to describe the urinary symptoms, and then recommend the patient to collect a urine sample for laboratory analysis.

Did you know that frequent or untreated urinary tract infections can lead to infertility and severe, often irreversible, kidney disease over time?

The classic treatment for urinary tract infections is based on antibiotics, but these can harm the body by weakening the immune system, especially if they are taken for a long time or in successive treatments.

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