It helps the baby get rid of the overnight milk bottle

It helps the baby get rid of the overnight milk bottle

The miracle of the birth of a child opens the door to a new dimension in the life of each of us.

It is the moment when we move from the status of "mother's child" to "parent". And instinctively there is the disturbing tendency to be "a better parent". There may be fear of "wrong" or even fear of "doing wrong". But each of us must understand that "being a better parent" is a learning process with the baby and for nothing in the world, he must leave someone else in his place "learning to be a parent with his little one" .

Becoming a parent is not a stage in our life. Becoming, for the first time, mom or dad is not just "a happy event". This moment represents the point where each of us transform, redefine, rediscover ourselves as a parent and grow psychologically, in this new role, along with our baby.

This stage requires a period of adaptation and does not have to be demanding with us.

Baby's sleep

First of all we have to adapt to the rhythm of sleep that the baby has and, in time, with patience and tenderness to get used to it and create a healthy and regular rhythm of sleep. Until one month, the newborn rarely sleeps more than 3 hours in a row. When he wakes up he is hungry. At this age he needs to eat at least 6 times a day, sometimes more if the baby is breastfed.

Between 1 month and 3 months, gradually, the number of breastfeeding will decrease. And variable, depending on the child, only from the weight of 5 kg, that is around the age of 3 months, the baby begins to sleep nights.

After 4 months it is quite difficult to know when the baby wakes up at night hungry or simply needs to be lined up. Generally, after 4 months, a baby fed with a bottle does not need a night meal. Attention, the breastfed baby will suck once more at night. If the baby calms down quickly, sucks her breast without drinking or does not finish her bottle, you may think she needs to be relaxed and feel close, rather than eating. Slowly, with patience and tender gestures, he tries to get the little boy back without feeding him. This way, you will help him, little by little, to give up the night sucking or the milk bottle overnight.

Did you know your little one is learning to sleep?

Sleep is essential for everyone. But in the child, sleep has a special role in development, both the physical and especially the mental. In addition to helping to recover physical and nervous fatigue during the day, sleep promotes many mental functions such as memory and learning.

This is why it is essential for the mother to give the baby, as a child, the appropriate affective environment and healthy habits that give her a restful sleep throughout the night.

But sometimes, with all the efforts made by the mother, during the first months, the quiet sleep at night is abruptly interrupted by loud crying. The cause can be a physical discomfort or simply the little crying without any obvious cause. But do not forget, a baby never cries at a mere whim. In any situation he must be relieved and sometimes it is enough to hold him in his arms to calm him, if he is not hungry.

There are, for example, situations where the baby's discomfort is caused by colic, and the baby cries loudly, blushes in the face, keeps his legs tight and his fists clenched. After all the causes or symptoms that may lead to a certain pathology have been excluded by the pediatrician, the young mother may think of the baby's colic.

Baby colic

The colic of the baby represents the first major challenge of the parents, being the first cause for which the new parents go to a doctor. The baby cries especially after meals, when the belly is tense, due to the air swallowed with milk.

The colic can suddenly interrupt the baby's sleep, even during the night, which can be prolonged in some babies even after the age of 3 months.


No matter how tired and sleepy you are, NEVER WAKE A BABY. The gesture to shake it is often provoked by the annoyance in front of continuous and successive crying, difficult to bear, especially in case of great fatigue. Neurological findings can be very serious: from paralysis and psychomotor retardation to death in 10% of cases. If the child cries, regardless of your condition, give him a nipple, eat him, tell him a story, offer him a bottle of water or tea and align him.

Because we care and because we understand exactly what it means to be a parent, the range of the ALINAN rabbit comes to your support with products specially created to help moms disobey the baby by the milk bottle overnight and to alleviate colic and digestive discomfort.

The whole range was created out of love for children, relying both on the happiness of the little one and on the peace of his parents.

Alinan Happy Drink it was created especially for babies and has a pleasant taste. Contains a mixture of standardized natural extracts of chamomile, melissa and anise, well tolerated by infants and children. Contains no artificial flavorings, dyes or preservatives. The active principles contained in the extracts give the product soothing, antispastic, digestive and slightly anti-inflammatory properties.

Alinan Happy Drink is recommended for infants and children to relieve abdominal colic, to regulate intestinal transit and to improve the states of discomfort and agitation that occur during different growth stages: rash, vaccine administration, etc. Alinan Happy Drink can also be used between meals instead of tea.

And because, at some point, the baby has to sleep peacefully all night for good physical and mental development, he must be disobeyed by the "overnight bottle." Alinan Happy Drink helps parents this time. By replacing the "overnight bottle" with Alinan Happy Drink (1-2 envelopes), the child will disobey it and have a quiet sleep.

In addition, Alinan Happy Drink now supports mothers and babies, in each box with a packet of wet towels, to ensure proper hygiene, so important in caring for the new family member.

The Alinan® range also includes:

Alinan® Syrup Calcium + D3, recommended by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, provides an additional contribution of calcium in the form of organic salts, soluble and easily absorbed in combination with vitamin D3. Alinan calcium + D3 is well tolerated and due to the pleasant taste it is very easily accepted by children. Alinan calcium + D3 is recommended for: harmonious development of the skeleton during the growth period in children and adolescents, correction of calcium deficiency, protection of teeth against caries, regulation of neuro-muscular transmission, calcium supplementation in children with dairy intolerance.

Alinan® Vitamin C solution. Vitamin C contributes to: normal functioning of the immune system, increased iron absorption, normal functioning of the bone system, ligaments, blood vessels, skin, teeth and gums, by stimulating collagen formation, reducing fatigue and normal functioning of the system nervous, normal functioning of energy metabolism, protection of cells against oxidative stress.

With the maximum concentration of vitamin C in a stable solution, Alinan® Vitamin C has good absorption, ensuring complete treatment for the first 5 months of life. In addition, it is easy to administer to children from the first days of life (up to 1 year, the age in months coincides with the number of drops to be administered).

Alinan® Vitamin D3 prevents the appearance of rickets and plays an essential role in the consolidation and development of bones. Alinan® Vitamin D3 has the maximum concentration of Vitamin D3 per drop, which can be used up to 12 months after opening the bottle. Also called "vitamin of the sun", vitamin D is synthesized at the level of the skin under the action of ultraviolet rays. In the cold season when the sunlight is low, it is recommended to supplement the food with foods rich in vitamin D (salmon, herring, sardines, tuna oil, moron, heel, egg yolk, yeast, etc.) or with nutritional supplements. Also, during the growth period it is very important to ensure the child an optimal intake of vitamin D, for a harmonious development of the skeleton.

Alinan® Multivitamine Kids Syrup, developed in collaboration with pediatric doctors and nutritionists, for children from 1 year of age, can be administered in case of lack of appetite and weight loss, to children who refuse certain categories of foods (vegetables, fruits, meat), excessive fatigue , intense physical or intellectual effort, during antibiotic therapy, in convalescence or as a vitamin supplement in the winter and spring periods.

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