Breastfeeding keeps you from cancer

Breastfeeding keeps you from cancer

One of the many benefits that breastfeeding offers to newborns is that it reduces breast cancer risk by up to 60% during the pre-menopausal period.
The finding was recorded in a US study of approximately 60,000 women who gave birth and breastfed between 1997 and 2005.

Alison Stuebe, University Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of North Carolina and initiator of the research, argues that moms who have had breast cancer in their family have greatly reduced their predisposition for this serious condition by feeding them new ones. -Baby babies.

Breastfeeding defeated genetics

The study participants provided demographic data, health information and breastfeeding practice every two years. They described in detail their own family history and revealed a possible diagnosis regarding the installation of breast cancer.
Overall, the results of the study showed that women without a genetic predisposition to cancer and breastfeeding decreased their chances of developing the disease by 25%, compared with those who never did.
Mothers with close relatives diagnosed with the most feared affection (mother, sister or grandmother) reduced their risk of cancer by 59% compared to those who did not breastfeed their babies.

Breastfeeding can replace hormonal anti-cancer treatments

The research also highlighted that the reduction of the predisposition to breast cancer by breastfeeding is comparable with the results of hormonal treatments (eg tamoxifen) followed by patients diagnosed with the highest risk of developing the disease.
The study author states that the protective effect of breastfeeding began within the first three months after birth, according to medical monitoring.
Other specialists have found that many types of breast cancer are much rarer among women who have breastfed their babies for at least 6 months.
The exact biological explanation could not be outlined yet, but the specific incidence of immunized women recommends breastfeeding as a natural and safe treatment for breast cancer.
A tangible argument is that breastfeeding helps reduce the level of carcinogenic hormones in the mother's blood. At the end of the lactation period, the body gets rid of the affected cells which, in the future, can become carcinogenic.

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