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Cycling in pregnancy. Benefits and risks

Cycling in pregnancy. Benefits and risks

Cycling can be a pleasure or an advantage in the task, but it can also turn into a nightmare full of risks and dangers. If you like to ride a bike and it is the only physical activity that you do with love, be cautious and avoid the risks, but follow the benefits of this activity.

Relieves back pain, varicose veins or swelling of the legs

Relaxation cycling is a light physical activity and an excellent aerobic exercise for pregnant women. In addition, it is a low impact physical movement.

It helps a lot in toning the muscles of the legs. Improves blood circulation in the body, especially in the legs and thus prevents many pregnancy-specific problems in these areas: varicose veins, swelling, etc.

It also contributes to toning the muscles of the back and abdomen and prevents or reduces back pain when the growing tummy starts to put pressure on it.

It helps you give birth easier

Cycling means doing physical movement, which brings a lot of benefits to the task. Cycling also contributes to the development and growth of the fetus, keeps you fit and helps you give birth easier. It seems that sport also prevents complications that may occur at birth or the need for caesarean section.

Helps you lose weight more easily after birth

Observing a constant, daily or weekly pedaling routine helps you keep your weight within normal limits, not to accumulate unnecessary fat layers, and facilitates your effort to lose weight after birth.

It helps you relax

Cycling can also be considered an effective way to combat stress or relax. The psychological effects are noticeable, because it can be a moment of unloading of nerves and tensions, you can meditate and you can think of positive or optimistic things while pedaling.

The risks of cycling while pregnant

There is a risk of falls or accidents

With advancement in pregnancy, the main problem of cycling begins to be balance. You know very well how to ride a bicycle, but when you gain weight and your body starts to change, it is no longer the same. You have to be more careful and adapt the pace and walking position to your new physical condition.

Falls and accidents remain the main concerns of doctors about cycling. The stronger the impact, the greater the risk of harm to the fetus. These can cause premature birth, loss of pregnancy, rupture of membranes and other unnecessary problems that can be avoided.

In addition, you can risk very seriously injuring yourself, suffering fractures or dislocations that will immobilize you in bed and are not desirable during this period.

There is a danger of dehydration or overloading

Risks may also come from dehydration or prolonged exertion. Make sure you do not overdo it with this activity. It is advisable to limit yourself to 30 minutes of pedaling a day. Hydrate yourself continually because overheating and dehydration bring a lot of dangers to your baby's tummy.

Always talk to your doctor before using this method of physical movement.

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