Why is it good to read to your baby?

Why is it good to read to your baby?

Story reading is a habit that should be needed initially since the baby is in your tummy. There is not a proper age to read them and even if you have the impression that he does not understand anything and that it does not help him, there are plenty of benefits of reading for the child.

It gives her a sense of security

It is important that your baby always has a sense of security to develop harmoniously. If you start reading to the baby in the tummy, he becomes familiar with it and gives it a sense of security. In addition, the reading routine is done in an environment that gives the child the feeling of protection - in the mother's arms, in the crib, in his room, etc.

He develops his language faster

Reading stories encourages the baby to pronounce the first words faster. It has a guaranteed effect in the development of language in children and is one of the successful techniques in improving his verbal skills. Books for babies and toddlers should be written in large letters and predominate suggestive images.
In addition, once the first words begin to be spoken, the stories help him enrich his vocabulary and learn new words. It is very important to read them rarely, clearly and even point your words as you say them. As it grows, you can ask them questions about what you read and about the pictures in the books.

Strengthens the mother-baby relationship

The book reading also helps to strengthen and bond a closer relationship with the mother. Mother-child attachment is natural and appears spontaneously, but it can be helped and favored by this habit. Experts argue that reading stories helps the child develop emotionally.

He cultivates his passion for reading

Once your little one learns to read, it's time to teach the reading stick and encourage him to browse through the books. This way, you cultivate a passion for reading and books, a universe so important to explore by your little one. But reading stories as a baby prepares the ground for this period.

He develops phonological and phonemic awareness

Reading stories helps babies develop their phonological awareness (understanding that each word is composed of syllables and that more words form sentences).
Until this is done, the baby learns to distinguish individual sounds or phonemes (which form words) when he hears you utter words.
Children with phonemic and phonological awareness are able to more easily combine sounds and form words or sentences. They get to read faster and easier than others.

He develops his attention and concentration

Babies and young children do not have the patience to stay in one place for longer or concentrate on a particular activity.
But reading stories from an early age educates your little one in this regard. This is why it is important to do it when you are very young, from 6 months old, to help it develop its focus and concentration.

It enriches their general culture

As you read more stories and books, the little boy learns more and more things. It is possible to wake up that on several anisors your child has a cultural and informational package of an older child. And it was accumulated in a fun and enjoyable way for him, without being overburdened or forced.

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