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Reasons to be proud of being a mom

Reasons to be proud of being a mom

There are situations when your mom's ego looks like it's going to the chest and says "I managed to do this with my baby" or "this is my little one". In addition, small daily achievements make you proud of your family and the fact that you are a good mom.

Your child is acting nice in public

It seems that your efforts to educate him have not been in vain, and your little one now rewards you with every public outing. He knows the good manners, knows how to interact and behave with others and is praised by everyone. What can be more beautiful for a mom?

You have a car full of toys and baby products

You are the most proud mom when you go with a baby by car and find at hand all the necessary products to calm him or distract him when he is upset. Your car is "bombarded" with toys, diapers, bottles or pacifiers waiting for your turn to help you.

The father and the child prepared the meal

Isn't it nice to find a ready-made meal when you come from work? Or even more beautiful is when you come into the house and see how your little one works so well in the kitchen with his father. You have no reason not to be glad you have such a family.

You have succeeded in making small listeners without using screams, rewards or other methods

Just as you were preparing to call him to help him clean or plan a small reward, your little one seems eager to do so without expecting anything in return.

When the child tells you he loves you

Your heart is about to explode every time your little one holds you in his arms and tells you he loves you the most in this world. And then he covers you with kisses and hugs. Nice moment, isn't it? It's worth being a mom for these moments!
If he also comes with a greeting or a symbolic gift, made by his handler, then surely you will find yourself in a position to say nothing of emotion.

The child took a high note in a subject that he did not excel at

Your little one has good teaching results, but he always had a fork with certain subjects. When you come home with a high grade on a subject - the problem, you feel most proud mom. You realize that he did not give up and made efforts to prove that he was capable. That's your baby!

The father offers to take care of the child

... while you go to relax a bit in the city, with or without friends. How beautiful he thought of you. Probably because you're a good mom, aren't you?

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