Required supplies for the new school year

Required supplies for the new school year

Required supplies for the new school year

The new school year will start soon, so you need to think about the shopping you need to do for your child in this regard. In addition to essential books and books, a student needs other things as well.


When you go in search of the backpacker, along with the child, he has only one thought in mind: the favorite cartoon / movie character. So while the girls dream of Hannah Montana and the boys on Spiderman, you should keep in mind that the backpack has to be practical and useful. Choose a well compartmented backpack, with special space for water bottle, house keys and possibly a key ring to write the name and class of your child.

Pencil box

The penar must be roomy and easy / quick to undo. Many feathers must be opened carefully because otherwise it is very difficult to close them - and your child will certainly not be too patient.

Writing instruments

The pen is extremely important, especially for children entering Class I. Now they are writing their writing and need a tool to "slip" on the sheet of paper and not one that requires effort in the writing process. Opt for a good pen, whose pen is well worked and does not scratch in any form.

Sports equipment

Although many parents are unaware of this, sports equipment is essential when you want your baby to attend special times. Choose a train in simple colors, not too light, because otherwise you will be careful not to dirty it. Also, sports shoes should be easy and very comfortable.

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