Dermo-cosmetics for the skin of babies and children

Dermo-cosmetics for the skin of babies and children

It is known that the skin of a baby and especially of the newborn is so fine that the parents want it to be taken care of properly and safely. Precisely because it is so delicate, the skin needs special care.

Since birth, the skin plays a role of protection and thermal regulation against environmental conditions. However, in the first years of life, the baby's skin is more vulnerable, more permeable and more exposed to infections than that of an adult. Natural skin protection systems are not fully developed at this age.

Bioderma laboratories have brought dermatological experience to support pediatricians by formulating the first range of hygiene and care for infants and children with a high level of safety and tolerance. The strict formulation of the ABCDerm range is in total agreement with the fragility of the skin of the babies and respects the 4 promises:

1. safety - without parabens, dyes or essential oils;

2. effectiveness - with ingredients in pure form and optimal dose;

3. Tolerance - limited number of ingredients to guarantee safety and comfort; the products are tested under dermatological control;

4. Monitoring - tracking the products in each stage, from the production to the point of sale, to guarantee trust.

Range contains:

  • ABCDerm foaming gel 200ml / 1l, recommended price 36.5ron / 65 ron;
  • ABCDerm Body oil 200 ml, recommended price 59.5 ron;
  • ABCDerm Shampoo 200 ml, recommended price 30,5ron;
  • ABCDerm Moisturizing milk 200 ml, recommended price 35.5 ron;
  • ABCDerm Cold cream 40 ml, recommended price 30.5 ron;
  • ABCDerm Peri-oral 40 ml, recommended price 37 ron;
  • ABCDerm Babysquam 40 ml, recommended price 37 ron;
  • ABCDerm Change preventive 75 ml, recommended price 29 ron;
  • ABCDerm Change intensive 75 ml, recommended price 31,5ron.

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