Take care and maintain the health of your child's teeth!

Take care and maintain the health of your child's teeth!

First visit to the dentist

It is recommended that the first visit to the dentist of the child be around the age of 2 years, he needs a consultation, but also an educational play and a familiarity with this foreign environment to him - the dental office.

Baby teeth, care before eruption

Care of the oral cavity begins before the appearance of the tooth. The baby's mouth should be cleaned daily, starting with the first days after birth. This is done with the help of compresses soaked in chamomile or yellow tea, wrapped around the finger.

Teeth brushing starts with the appearance of the first tooth. A fluoride-free toothpaste is used, and the brush is fastened on the index or small finger.

Monica Burlacu, a dentist at the Royal Dental clinic, recommends that familiarity with toothbrushes should be done as a child, using a special set of brushes, for the little one, made of soft rubber, only good for rosé.

Dental tooth decay

The dentist points out that temporary dental care, caries treatment in time and installation of the dental alignment device ensures the health of the tooth for the future adult.

"Temporary tooth decay is a very common condition in children, a phenomenon that supports an increase due to the change in eating habits, about 20% of the children of 2 years old having at least one caries. towards tooth decay and tooth loss. The percentage increases with age and reaches 90-95% for children aged 6-7 years, "says Monica Burlacu.

One method of preventing tooth decay is sealing the teeth, which consists of applying a material to the occlusal face of the teeth. In this way, the adhesion of the food on the occlusal face of the molars of 6 years decreases. It is a simple treatment, easy to perform, that does not affect the tooth. At 3 - 4 years the milk molars can be sealed, at 6-7 years the first permanent molars can be sealed, and at 11 - 13 years the second molars and premolars will be sealed.

Narrow teeth and dental appliances

Also, another dental condition often encountered since childhood is the erupted teeth in a position other than the normal one, popular "narrow teeth", for which the dental device is recommended. The orthodontist at the Royal Dental draws attention to the benefits of installing the dental appliance early, thus avoiding the unpleasant effects that occur later (discomfort in chewing, food residues between teeth that create cavities, aesthetic appearance).

The novelty in orthodontics is that mobile dental devices for children can be personalized, and they can choose their favorite color or a drawing to wear, making it attractive and fun for the little ones.

The optimum age for starting orthodontic treatment is 6-7 years, when the first permanent teeth erupt. Although at any age you can wear a dental device, as the years go by, the treatment becomes more complicated. Its duration varies, depending on the complexity of the anomaly, from one to five years.

Information provided by the Royal Dental Dental Clinic

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