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Granini Orange 1.5L, the orange nectar for a family breakfast

Granini Orange 1.5L, the orange nectar for a family breakfast

Granini Orange 1.5L, the orange nectar for a family breakfast

Nowadays, oranges have become the favorite fruit for a healthy breakfast. Well cooked and with an energizing effect, the oranges offer us the juice that invigorates our mornings.

This is why Granini, the most beloved fruit juice, launches from June the nectar of oranges available, for the first time, in 1.5L glass.

100% natural product, according to the Granini philosophy, and having a fruit content of 50%, Granini Orange Nectar is intended for breakfast and morning spent in the family, being a source of energy for the whole day.

"In the morning, for most of us, the most important moment of the day, the disposition with which we start the morning greatly influences the rest of the day. Therefore, the new Granini Orange Nectar 1.5 L invites you to have a state of every day Well, be full of energy and vitality. Available in a sufficient quantity for children and parents, the whole family can now start the day with a glass of orange nectar, "said Elena Maracine, Category Manager Soft Drinks & Water at URBB .

Due to its high fruit content, orange nectar offers our body a wide variety of vitamins, most important of which is Vitamin C, and nutrients, which help maintain health, youth and reduce the risk of disease by strengthening the immune system. .

Granini Orange Nectar 1.5L is packed with children and parents alike, active people who have a dynamic lifestyle, who have to face the challenges of every day but who seek to add pleasure and joy to each day.

About Granini
Granini is a high quality product, 100% natural, appreciated in over 74 countries for its attributes: no dyes, no preservatives, no genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

Granini products retain the authentic and natural taste of the fruits, the brand being continuously interested in the evolution of consumer preferences to provide them with energy and well being through the quality of the products.

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