Are we taking the baby for shopping?

Are we taking the baby for shopping?

With baby shopping
There is nothing wrong with browsing hypermarkets with your baby. Shopping has an educational role for children and the longer they get used to it, the more they will be prepared to become loyal and successful customers of the stores when they grow up.

Simple tricks for quiet shopping with baby

Parents believe that the stores are not the most suitable environment for a newborn or a baby of only a few months. There are a lot of germs that could make her sick and shopping might prove exhausting if the baby is crying, irritated or not in place of any color.

But you can shop quietly and as comfortably if you follow a few simple tricks:

  • you can keep the baby in the car seat (if removable), as they tend to fall asleep in such strolls while you make your shopping quiet;
  • and the newborn basket serves the same purpose;
  • If you want to have your hands free for shopping, then the most suitable are slings or harnesses;
  • when the baby manages to stand alone in the ass, without support - for 6 months - you can put it in the special shopping trolley that has a special device for walking the baby.

Many parents say that when the child is very young it is easier to shop than when he is growing up and starts to walk. You might think that it is complicated to care for a newborn baby in store shelves.

It is very possible to not even feel like having a child after you while shopping. Newborns and babies just a few months old tend to sleep a lot and wake up only to be fed or changed. So not a big deal. While older children are more impractical in stores.

Make sure you take your baby's bottle, toys, pacifier or comfort item with you when you go shopping and you will have no problems with it.

Tricks from the experience of mothers, members of the community

There are many moms who do not know whether or not to take the baby for shopping! Take inspiration from your mother's advice:
Irra: Damaris started to take us everywhere since he was a month old and we had no problems with the illnesses. I went for a walk the 2nd day after I was born.

Cotuc: I am of the opinion that it is good to take them out into the world, that then they get sick faster, they become more sensitive. And I go out with babies for shopping, but in the carousel. We like to do family shopping, we go all 4; however, we don't have much to leave the children with. We try to go shopping when there is less people, the day we go less, more in the evening.

Irina: and we also went out in stores for a month and it was no problem. I think each one of us already feels the needs of the child and immediately observes what is good and what is not. If the child behaves normally ... I do not see why not! Many things are myths, such as: not to take the baby to baptism, to always be dressed as best (I am so sorry when I see some babies in these hot tubs ... I think parents should dress as they feel) . I think you have to be cautious, careful, but not exaggerated! But ... opinions are opinions, everyone considers what is good in their own way, and it is understandable.

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