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Natural treatments for the dangers of summer

Natural treatments for the dangers of summer

Natural treatments are healthy and effective solutions for the most common problems or accidents of summer. From sunburn, to insect bites or cuts to shells or other sharp objects, all these dangers are often encountered within the family, especially during vacations. Be prepared for the unforeseen situations of summer with the simplest naturalistic methods!

Oat for sunburn

The unpleasant symptoms of sunburn can be relieved by a warm bath in which you put oatmeal. Oats have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce discomfort. It inhibits the secretion of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances, which dilates blood vessels and causes the appearance of redness and pain.

Vinegar for jellyfish sting

They occur frequently when you go to sea and are quite painful. There are several ways to "treat" jellyfish stings - dripping a few drops of urine, placing a piece of raw meat or a little alcohol. White, classic vinegar remains the best method to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of this bite. Acetic acid relieves pain and disables the release of venom from jellyfish needles (if they remain in the skin). Therefore, it is important first to remove those and then apply a natural remedy to the area.

Baking powder for mosquito bites

Next time you feel like a mosquito is not giving you peace and itches your skin in several parts, run quickly to the kitchen cabinet where you keep baking powder. Mix a little dust with water and apply in stubborn areas. You will notice how the pain and itching disappear quickly. Baking powder has calming and anti-inflammatory effects.

Honey for scratches and juices

Is the child "subscribed" all the time to a wound? There is nothing, they are normal for the little active and adventurous who want to learn different things as quickly as possible. If your little one has bruised his knees when he learns to ride a bicycle or roller, then honey is the solution to speed healing and fight infection. Honey is considered a very powerful natural antimicrobial. It can be applied to several wounds or bruises of the child, not only to the knees.

Papaya for heartburn

Summer is the season in which fruits and vegetables predominate. Sometimes, the food mixes we make and the weather outside do not balance so well and give birth to heartburn. If they don't give you peace, try eating a papaya before you get on antacids. It does the same for children. This fruit contains papain, an enzyme that aids digestion.

Black pepper for bleeding (external bleeding)

If you cut your finger trying to chop your onion or your little one is cut into a shell on the seashore, then you must know that to stop bleeding, black pepper is the best solution. It seems that it contributes to the rapid coagulation of blood. The pepper is sprinkled directly on the wound and then a patch is placed.

Cayenne pepper for clearing the nose

Clogged nose is considered a symptom in a lot of conditions. But this summer may be the sign of a seasonal allergy. If your clogged nose is affecting your quality of life and you feel uncomfortable about it, then Cayenne pepper can help you breathe easier. All you have to do is sprinkle some powder into the food.

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