9 fun activities for children on rainy days

9 fun activities for children on rainy days

Although it is summer outside, the rains are still appearing when the world is dearer to the children - when they are in the playground, they play the draw or they have just drawn the subron. Do not let your little one be sad, stand face to face with the glass and waiting for the rain to calm down to play again. Give them fun alternatives to make at home!

Play the plane through the house

If your little one is in a good mood and is very active, then propose to him that you imagine you are a plane. Then show them how to travel and "fly" through the house. You can also imitate birds or funny animals that will amuse him.

Put your face to the hide

Girl-hide is the game that takes you out of any mess. And although he plays better outside, he can also be practiced successfully in the apartment. It is important to find the most hidden pillows of the house to pity you. Pretend from time to time that you do not see it and shout out so good at this game and that you can not imagine where it was hidden. It will give him satisfaction to hear you saying these things!

Play bowling

With a little imagination and creativity, bowling is extremely accessible and between 4 walls. You need the longest (hallway) or the freest room in the house. In addition, 0.5 l or 1 l empty bottles are needed, which you can place in the same scheme as the porches. Take a ball out of the toy basket, sit far enough away and try to drop the bottles. Don't forget to keep score. Who's a winner?

Have fun with the Hula-Hoop circle

If your little one comes with a circle for Hula-Hoop it is all you need to keep your child busy. The fun of repeated attempts to hold the circle in the air while the trunk is rotating is immeasurable.

Hit the ball on the floor

Looking for a rough floor in the house. Then choose 2 balls (not very rough or strong, but which will jump when you hit them on the floor. Then, just play a contest. Who manages to beat the ball longer and in the most interesting ways? A good idea is to gather more children in the house and let them have so much fun. The child will be even more delighted to have playmates of the same age.

Dance in the same way and face

Your little guy knows how to dance, he's only been doing it since he had his diapers. You probably think it's no longer a fun activity for him. Dance will always be a source of fun and good mood for children. Especially if you grow it in this spirit! But when the dance is not over, gather more children or family members and have fun trying to imitate the dance moves of one or the other. You will laugh heartily at the little boys' attempts to imitate dance steps.

Play the "spinster"

Surely you remember when you were little as you turned around with your friends holding them by the hand. Make pairs of two. Everything is in this balance game. The partners in each pair should stand face to face with the tips of their toes glued to each other. Grip your hands well and rest your back slightly, resting on your knees. Then start to circle around as quickly as possible. It is important for the little ones to keep well with each other. And it is recommended that the little ones in pairs have the same height.

Install the Wii console or a 2 or 3 video game

If the torrential rain outside and the day in the park is compromised, quickly install a video game or Wii console and take action. The console is more suitable because it also involves physical movements of the child keeping it in shape. With this option, the fun is guaranteed! But do not make a habit of video games. These must have strict limits in the child's routine.

Start a pillow beating

The pillow fight will make any child smile, no matter how sad. The little boy has a lot of fun trying to get the winner out of a fight that is left with a generous white layer of flakes throughout the house. But it's worth it! Especially if you warn him from the beginning that he will have to help you strangle afterwards!

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