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How to get married or move in with your partner

How to get married or move in with your partner

Love and love relationships increase the risk of obesity among women. Specialists claim that this happens especially after moving with your life partner or after marriage. Moving along with the lover changes the lifestyle of both partners, but women suffer the most.

If you are not careful enough, the risk of obesity can increase by up to 127% when you live with your partner! Most specialists argue that when you get married it is healthier, because you risk getting less sick, and the mortality rate decreases. And yet there is a risk that both partners will get fat after moving together.

Risks of moving together or marriage on weight

The specialists explain that when two people move together, they bring together all the habits and dishes, including the culinary ones. The partner comes with his preferences, so do you, and the calorie intake increases substantially. Because if your partner has a craving for something, and you eat something else, you will surely crave what he has on the plate and eat from his preparation.

In addition, when you spend more time at home, together, you tend to eat more. If one is hungry and the other does not, you will automatically end up eating together. The smell of the kitchen, the sound of the cooking utensils and the very idea that he is eating will almost automatically trigger your hunger sensation. And you will eat even if you do not need to!

The specialists warn that the portions increase considerably and the appetites are diversified. They advise you to use small plates, which include a smaller amount of food. It is important to cope with the temptation to put on your second serving.

Many couples get that much of the time they spend together at home takes place around the table. For example, if you watch and watch a movie or TV, this activity will certainly "digest" better with some snacking around. Why? Because it's more fun and so relaxing!

In addition, you have the habit that when you go out to the city you go to restaurants or always have lunch together. Everything is reduced to food!

It is important to give up snacks in bed or on the couch. These usually take place in the evening, exactly at the most inappropriate times for overeating. Try not to stock up on such snacks anymore. If you do not have them in the house, you will not even crave them!

It is advisable to try to cook together and prepare something healthy each time. Give up meals in the city and eat together at home!

Specialists have noticed that women are becoming less physically active when they are involved in a relationship. Those who regularly practiced sports often give up this habit. Moving together involves responsibilities and activities that do not leave much room for physical movement. Moments in two are increasingly rare so most women prefer to spend them in other ways.

The status of the relationship you have with your partner is defining for your future weight, if you are not careful. This has been demonstrated through more research and experiments. The researchers conducted a study on more than 7,000 young adults involved in relationships. Their status differed from case to case: alone, in a relationship, living with someone, married.

The researchers performed analyzes and tests according to race, ethnicity, level of education and age, as well as other considerations. At the end of the research, the specialists showed that the risk of obesity appears in both sexes when they are in a relationship and they move together, but more often in women like this:

  • living together increases by 63% the risk of obesity in women, compared to only 30% in men;
  • marriage doubled the risk of obesity among both sexes - women had a 127% risk, and men 107%.

The specialists concluded that when you marry or move in with your beloved man your weight has to suffer because of:

  • increasing the level of sedentarism;
  • increasing the number of tables;
  • to increase the weight of unhealthy culinary choices.