5 personalized gifts for children for their fathers

5 personalized gifts for children for their fathers

Handmade gifts for children for dads can be a surprise with minimal effort. You don't have to stress your little ones trying to do complex and cumbersome things. There are a few simple tricks that can turn a trivial object into an exciting gift for "their dads"!

Here are some funny ideas!

1. Teach him to customize a hat!

The personalization of a banal coffin loads the gift with great emotion. Buy felt of a different color than the hat (one to match). Think together about a message to write in front of or behind the sepia. It does not have to be standard, you can invent. Here are some ideas: "I'm a dad", "A great dad", "Super dad", etc.

Let the child choose the one he likes best! Have the little one write (help if he needs) the outline of the letters that make up the message on the felt. Or you can choose from different types of letters on the net and you can outline the letters with their help directly on the felt. Let him cut and paste the letters.

2. Help him customize a photo frame!

Go with him to shopping and choose a frame with the simplest edges, in one color. The simpler it is, the more room for your little one to put his fingerprint and personalize it. When you get home ask him what theme he wants to use to decorate the edges of the frame: celestial stars, maritime symbols, astronauts, robots, etc.

Then, give him some colored sheets of paper and have him make small drawings, letters and whatever symbols he wants. Attention, the symbols must be proportional to the width of the frame. Let him cut the drawings and paste them at will.

The little one can cut out small letters and paste on one side of the frame the message "I love you" and on the other side only "Dad". Both messages should be written vertically. Then have him pick a photo from the album and insert it into the frame. Wrap the frame beautifully, stick a bow and the gift is ready!

3. Give him the free hand to make a soul greeting!

If you've already taught the little boy how to make greetings, then he knows what the steps are. Tell her it has to be the message and for what occasion and let the little one do it at will.

Make sure it has all the necessary tools (scissors, paper, colored pencils, watercolors, etc.) and follow it closely! Help him with the texts he has to write by offering suggestions: "Happy birthday, Daddy!", "For the most beautiful father in the world", "For a great father", etc.

4. Turn a trivial photo frame into a sensational gift!

Choose a small, heart-shaped photo frame! Have the child choose a picture with him to cut so that it fits into the frame. Then, look in letter-magnet refrigerator stores and choose to form the words "you" and "dad".

When you get home, help the child assemble the frame and the letters so that the message "I love you dads" comes out, but instead of the word "I love" to be heart with the picture of the little one. Paste the letters between them and the edges of the message frame. Then you can put the message on the fridge and wait for dads to come home! Great will be his surprise!

5. Help him create a picture with personality!

Suggest to your little one to draw a special drawing for your father. Either to draw him or to draw his family or write him a message. Let him do it the way he wants. Make them white sheets and many colored pencils. You do not have to go to a specialized store to frame the drawing. Your little one can use the ice cream sticks he paints and glues on the edge. Ready the painting! The dad will be very excited to see the little masterpiece!

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