5 ways to strengthen the parent-child relationship

5 ways to strengthen the parent-child relationship

The parent-child relationship is complex and tends to consolidate over time. It is important to have a close relationship with the little one in order for him to gain confidence in you and to help him when he needs or is in danger. If your relationship with the child is rotting around here, we suggest 5 ways to strengthen it even more!

1. The quality of the time spent with the child matters, not the quantity

Many parents apologize and try to blame in time for the lack of education or the distant relationship between them and their child. We live in a society where parents are forced to cope with work duties, personal problems and child care at the same time. You can stay with the child 24 hours a day and the relationship between you will be as cold and distant and you can spend several hours a day with him and have a relaxed, educated and close child.

You need that little time you have for the child to be maximized! Those moments should be relaxing, fun, but also educational. Play with him, read his stories, go to the park with him or just talk to him about your daily worries and fears and you will see that you can strengthen a harmonious relationship even with little time available.

2. Schedule weekly meetings with your child!

Whether it's a fun talk or something quick, on the go, as an outlet for the confectionery or ice cream, don't forget to put in such a weekly schedule such special events, only between you two. Do something different every time and always consult with him regarding program activities. Ask him what he likes best and let him have the last word.

3. Add in the daily program a moment for small talk!

It doesn't have to stretch for several hours. Your little one would not even have the patience to talk to you so much. But it is important to have this "talk glass" set in the program for him and for 15 minutes. You will probably say that you talk to him all day anyway, why do you have to schedule this? Scheduling this quarter of an hour of cheating is important, so that he knows that he has 15 minutes a day where he can talk to you.

It gives him time to think or gather together whatever he wants to tell you and supports communication and closeness between you. He knows that whatever it is, he has the time to talk to mommy or dad. At first you can talk about anything. The main topics will be the kindergarten, the school, the friends of play or the wishes that it has. In time, you can create daily topics and topics for discussion.

You can set daily topics for education or take over from everyday life, for example fear, poverty, generosity, happiness, emotions to talk to. You can find out a lot about baby in just 15 minutes.

4. Learn to listen to your child!

Listening to the child involves investing the attention and availability for his needs. It is extremely important to show that you are interested in everything he has to say, that he is taken into account and that he also takes into account his opinions. affection as only that between parent and child can exist.

5. Tell him how much you love him and appreciate each day!

He loves you unconditionally and knows, even if he sometimes has difficulty expressing it. You are the most important person for him, around whom he feels protected and comfortable. But it is important that you share daily - verbally and behaviorally - the love and love you carry, because he cannot understand this.

Young children need to be told and given in their mouths certain information in order to be able to themselves. And the fact that he is loved and appreciated will bring him even closer to you and strengthen the relationship between you!

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