How to have a home that makes you healthier?

How to have a home that makes you healthier?

A healthy home is one that is designed, built and maintained for the purpose of promoting health. Much of the day is spent inside the house, and if you have a baby then it definitely becomes the main place of time, even the day. Therefore, it needs to be refined to the smallest details, to be a safe environment for you and your family!

Your own house can make you sick!

Research has shown that a home can make you sick. Many people consider that the unsightly appearance of a house is the only cause for various diseases and diseases. But it is not so, say the specialists.

The biggest problems arise where you least expect:

  • lead (from old pipes, from paints applied to door frames, etc.) can lead to lead poisoning;
  • if you move to the new house it is advisable to test it for the lead level, especially if it is very old.

Moisture from door frames or wood roof or other sources it can lead to mold or swelling that can cause many respiratory tract disorders, especially in children. Also, pesticides as well as passive smoking can create the perfect environment for various intoxications and diseases of the lungs.

Disorder or gossip in the house they give rise to insects, mites, spiders and other rodents that can endanger the health of the family.

Measures for living room, living room or living room:

  • install smoke alarms near sleeping locations to prevent unpleasant accidents;
  • he does not smoke in the house and does not allow anyone to do it except outside;
  • tests the room for lead;
  • paint with natural and less toxic products, especially if you have small children;
  • keep floors clean and clear;
  • put fuses for sockets and corners and hide all wires in the way of children.

Measures for the kitchen:

  • never use the oven to heat the house in winter;
  • always use the hood when cooking;
  • installs gas alarm in the kitchen (to detect gas leaks);
  • never leave unattended food in the oven;
  • use cleaning products that are less toxic and make sure you keep them away from the access of children;
  • it plugs well all the holes where cockroaches or other insects could penetrate, as well as old vents where unwanted visitors like mice might enter;
  • always cover the garbage, after each use and use it as often as possible so as not to attract cockroaches;
  • if you want to spray with insects or substances then do it in places less accessible to children.

Bathroom measures:

  • installs support bars near the case and the toilet - they are especially important for children;
  • In this way, the sliding in the bathtub is avoided, and the children can rest in the toilet without fear that they will fall into it;
  • they are also effective for adults because they keep the medicines in cabinets as high as possible, so that the little ones do not have access to them;
  • it is also valid for bath detergents;
  • if you have low cabinets, then make sure they are locked;
  • wash the bathroom properly and repair the installations, if necessary;
  • it is not recommended to keep the moisture in the bath because it creates mold;
  • ventilates all the time if you have a window, if you do not use an exhaust fan;
  • if you paint slip tiles - if you do not have it, then put anti-slip bath mats on the floor and even for the bath there are special devices that prevent slipping;
  • wash the bath, toilet and sink with disinfectant products, but rinse them very well, so that there is no risk that the little ones will put their mouths on them and get intoxicated.

House cleaning tips:

  • carefully clean the filters of all the ventilation appliances in the house (air conditioning, humidifier, etc.);
  • check the medicines - read the labels, see which ones have expired or are about to expire soon and put them out of use or label those that have a short period of validity;
  • clean carpets well - vacuum them, but it is important to clean them with special products or to wash them from time to time because they absorb a lot of dust and germs, dangerous for children;
  • when you wash the sink or the toilet, do not forget to clean under and behind them - there are spiders and a lot of germs are found;

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