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Fun in the park with the Community

Fun in the park with the Community

Last weekend, June 4-5, 2011, we were together in the Children's World Park. We, The, Help Net pharmacies and you, our friends.

We are very glad that this opportunity to meet was so pleasant for us all. We are delighted that we met you, that we met with the children, that we drew, colored and told stories in the moon and in the stars. We took a lot of pictures and we made a lot of friends.
Help Net pharmacies we have been reliable partners in maintaining an atmosphere full of smile, play and good will. We played sports together, we danced, we ran, we played sardines and we got a lot of gifts. I met princesses, caring moms, wonderful children and dear people to us.

It was an opportunity to meet, play, talk about health and good choices, about sports and other activities that we can do with our friends and children. The weather was on our side, these were the first days when no rain of rain disturbed us.

The book "Selected dishes for grumpy babies", written by Andreia Ionescu, was the subject of discussion and closeness between the mothers who came to the event. Each of us felt a little wiser and richer as a result of shared impressions about children, recipes, travel, people and many, many more. I learned new things, I met interesting and good people, I grew up a little with our children.
We are convinced that this weekend is the first in a long series of community meetings The We hope very much that at the following events we will meet you, your other dear friends, who have not been able to arrive on Saturday and Sunday with us.
Here is the album with photos from the events of June 4 and 5. We are glad that each of you will find the memory of pleasant moments!