Am I too old to get pregnant?

Am I too old to get pregnant?

As you get older, and the plans for conceiving a baby have not appeared, all sorts of questions and dilemmas come to light. The years pass and you begin to wonder if you are not too old to become pregnant. There are several reasons why women start believing this at about 35 years old. There are medical, social and psychological reasons. There is no perfect age to become a mom! This is for sure!

It is only known that a woman can become a mother - biologically - from the first menstruation until the menopause. Socio-economic factors play an essential role and usually "dictate" when it is normal or the right age to have children and when not. Generally it is considered that the most suitable is children between 25 and 35 years.

Medical reasons

One of the moms of the community explains very simply and beautifully in what conditions a woman can have children:


"Biologically, the woman can have children as long as she has a menstrual cycle and therefore ovulation. Not for nothing are we born with a certain number of eggs that at one point ends. I think nature must be respected, but if the woman still feels and is indeed psychically capable, she has the right to do what she wants with her body. "

Of course it's not as simple as it sounds. It is true that a woman is capable of having children until she enters menopause. But it is known that as time goes by, from 30 years onwards, fertility problems and very high risks arise, both for the mother and the baby.

Another mom, a member of our community, exposes only a few risks present at a pregnancy over 35 years, especially for the baby:


"Remember that after a certain age other problems can arise ... it is not only the health of the mother, but also the health of the child. The risk of the baby having birth defects is much higher. For example, Down syndrome:

  • At 25, 1 woman in 1250 gives birth to a baby with Down;
  • at age 30, 1 in 1000;
  • at 35, 1 in 400;
  • at 40, 1 in 100;
  • at 45, 1 in 30;
  • at 49, 1 in 10;

Not to mention that the risk of miscarriage is 50% at the age of 40-45 ... it's scary ... and a cute thing, the chance of having a twin pregnancy increases a lot, because most women who want to get pregnant after 35 years requires fertility treatment. "

In addition there are a lot of risks in mothers, hypertension and gestational diabetes being only 2 of them. But with careful monitoring of the doctor and taking all precautionary measures against complications, as well as increasing fertility, older women can give birth to healthy children.

Social, economic and psychological factors

In addition to medical issues, women over the age of 40 are beginning to have doubts about the conception of a baby, both because of prejudice and stereotypes that "it is too old to have a baby", as well as the fact that it may no longer be. he has the patience to take care of himself or enough years to grow it.


"yes, any age is appropriate if the mother thinks about the good of the child and has the soul young enough to find the resources to increase it in patience and understanding."


"I gave birth to 3 children, at 20, 27 and 39 years, big differences between them ... I was lucky not to have any problems at any of the pregnancies; children were all healthy and big at birth, but last, girl, she is much more robust and resilient than the first two boys, so, despite the fact that I carried on a task at an older age, my body was much better prepared for the baby, all the analyzes were perfect throughout the period pregnancy. "


"is suitable for any age older than 18 years, my opinion, but not older than 40, for health reasons, money for those under 18 and not too high for those over 40. I see many women over 40 , who took the baby to the child and do not even know what the child eats that day. "


"And my mother made me at 40. It is true that at that time she had no choice, but I do not think she would have been able to get an abortion, even if she had three children. The idea is that I was and am healthy. I had no problems in society either. And thank God, my parents are still living now, so they were with me when I needed them. "


"I gave birth to Roby at 37 years old. Between my girls there is a 14 years difference. I think health matters more than age. If nature lets me have children and gives me a green wave, why not at 40 For years, doesn't that mean I started having children, don't understand this, I mean, in general, women who have put their careers on the forefront or had other priorities in their life or just didn't get pregnant. "

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