How to reduce sugar in children's nutrition?

How to reduce sugar in children's nutrition?

Sugar is one of the most harmful ingredients in children's nutrition. The little ones are melted after sweets and cakes, and parents often do not know how to control the amount of sugar consumed in a single day. From here the dangers for the health of the baby appear: obesity, diabetes, apathy, lack of energy, etc. Learn how to reduce sugar in children!

No one says that he is no longer allowed to taste any sugary foods, but the World Health Organization recommends limiting consumption to only 5 max 10% of total calories consumed in a day, and this in adults. This means only 100, maximum 200 calories out of a daily total of 2000 (5-10 teaspoons of sugar) in adults, and in children less.

Do not forbid any cake or sweet food, but help him to consume them rationally. Many parents do not give foods that contain sugar to children as young as not getting used to it. But this goal is unrealistic, the little ones will discover the sweet taste as soon as they come out of your supervision and then they may consume more than they should. Teach him as a child to consume sweet foods rationally, getting used to well-established daily portions to get used to.

Juices are a very dangerous sweet trap and, although it does not seem to contain more sugar than a cake. Not only are calorie bombs, but they do not contribute to the development and growth of the child. Try to get used to it as much as possible with water, and instead of commercial juices make fresh fruit juices, shakes or lemonades in the house.

Remember that sugar is contained only cakes, chocolate, candy and the general category called "sweets". Sugar is found in bread, pastry, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressings and many other products that you eat daily. Each time you buy food, carefully check the label and choose, as far as you're in power, sugar-free products. Or, if you have enough time, you could prepare your ketchup at home, as well as mayonnaise and other cakes that you can control the amount of sugar.

Cereal milk is the breakfast most often given to children. There are so many assortments of cereals specially created for them that you don't even know what to choose. We advise you what to choose for your little one to benefit from everything that is healthier from the most important meal of the day.

Look for cereals that have on the label the mention that they are sugar free and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Many assortments have a very high sugar addition to attract the taste of children, but they only cause damage to their health, instead of growing large and healthy.

Make sweet and delicious desserts, but with a lot of skill and 100% healthy foods and beneficial for the health of your child. Certain ingredients, such as spices for cakes, can naturally sweeten the preparations. For example you can use cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla or raisins to substantially reduce the sugar in them.

Fruits are the best choice when it comes to something sweet. They are naturally sweet and there is a lot of assortment, one can not like at least a few. Some are sweeter, others more bittersweet - there is an offer for all tastes of children. Also, replace the sugar (which you put in sweets, lemonades or other foods) with honey or maple syrup. They are natures, they have the same number of calories as sugar, but they contribute fully to the health of the baby.

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