Summer clothing for babies

Summer clothing for babies

Summer has already settled comfortably on the calendar and it is summer wardrobe time for your baby. You know that it is not advisable to expose a lot of the skin of the child to the sun's rays, but on the other hand you cannot even dress it because it is very warm. Here are some clothing tips and recommendations for the hot season!

Infants have very sensitive skin

In fact, their entire body is sensitive and easily prone to various diseases due to insufficient maturation of the immune system. It is important to know that just as you feel when you dress in some clothes, the same sensations he experiences.

For example, if you wear long pants when they are 35 degrees Celsius and you almost know that your little one feels that your little one has the same feeling. You should not wear it "thick" in summer just because it is baby and sensitive. So, the rules that you must adhere to when choosing a baby's summer wardrobe are about the same that we, adults, must follow.

The main things to pay attention to are the material from which the colors are made. Choose only clothes from natural materials (the most suitable is cotton) and in very light colors, in order not to be a safe target for all the power of the sun's rays.

On the other hand you must also follow the comfort of the child in the respective clothes. They do not have to be very tight on the child, to be small or to prevent them. It is true that it is better to buy a little more moms because the little ones grow up quickly and can come to them all summer.

Also, follow all accessories and seams or zipper of clothes. It is advisable to buy them as simple as possible, without beads, zippers and many buttons. On the one hand, there is a risk that the little boy will scratch or break and swallow them, and there is a risk of drowning.

Do not forget about hats and hats or baby sunglasses. They are essential accessories to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. Otherwise, you can choose just about everything that tempts you, as long as they are light and you like them.

Fashion recommendations

Fuchsia Summer Daisy Dress

A gorgeous princess dress for your cute little girl, who has the cotton lining, thus being friendly to your little girl's skin. White, with floral fuchsia print, the dress will attract all the looks and appreciation of those around.

Price: 69.01 lei

Body eRed Stripe Polo Boy

Here is an elegant body for boys, perfect for hot summer days. It has polo and button-like guleras in front and is in high demand this summer.

Price: 20 lei

Striped Yellow Baby Suits

Here's a cute 100% cotton suit that has yellow stripes and printed a monkey. Your little one will look sensational this summer wearing it.

Price: 38 lei

Body Pink Sun Poppy

It is a cute girl body with floral print that allows the skin to breathe fully during the summer. Your little one has nothing left over because the design of the body is absolutely delightful: it has slim straps and frills in front, which make your child a doll.

Price: 20.99 lei

Striped Bleu 3 piece suit

It consists of 3 pieces: T-shirt with guleras, shorts and hat. Covering the baby's head is essential in summer, and this costume helps you match it to the rest of the outfit.

Price: 45 lei

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