When you want what's best for your baby, choose Buca water

When you want what's best for your baby, choose Buca water

The nutrition of your baby is the most important factor contributing to its harmonious development, and you have to make sure that both the foods you use in preparing meals for your baby and the sources of hydration you call for are safe and natural.

Offer your baby well-washed fruits and vegetables, which come from natural sources, high quality food and ultra-hygienically packaged water to ensure that its development is fair and balanced. You must pay special attention to the water you use in preparing milk formulas, tea and natural juices for your child because it is extremely important that it comes from natural sources, without anthropogenic activity. Also, do not ignore the fact that water is an easily contaminable environment that can affect the health of the little one if it is not well protected and kept.

In order to meet your needs, Rio Bucovina has launched Bovine Plain Natural Mineral Water, in "bag-in-box" type packaging, the only natural mineral water paid in Romania in ultra hygienic packaging produced in sterile environment. The new ultra-hygienic packaging is specially designed to preserve the freshness of Bucovina's natural flat mineral water for a long time, without the danger of bacteriological contamination of the water by penetrating the air after opening it and is available in the network of Sensiblu pharmacies.

The natural mineral water Bucovina is suitable for your baby, being balanced from a mineral point of view, with a pH of 7.05 (optimal for permanent consumption), with a low content of fluorides (<0.03 mg / l), of nitrates (4.71 mg / l) and nitrites (<0.01 mg / l), values ​​well below the maximum allowed by the legislation in force, and a very small amount of dissolved minerals (dry residue at 180 ° C of 74 mg / l - the smallest of all the waters in Romania).

Due to the balanced and stable composition, the Institute for the Protection of the Mother and Child "Alfred Rusescu" certifies and recommends the natural mineral water paid in Bukovina for use in the feeding of babies and for the reconstitution of milk, in accordance with the provisions of order no. 978/2006 published in the MO no. 707/2006 and the GD no. 1020/2005.

The natural mineral water paid in Bucovina is the best choice for hydrating your little one.

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