How do you collect breast milk at work?

How do you collect breast milk at work?

Collecting breast milk at work will be a daily activity if you return to work as you are still breastfeeding your baby. And for this you need to consider some useful tips and do not forget to talk with your boss about the frequent breaks needed for this action.

Talk to the boss about milk breaks for baby milk!

Breastfeeding breaks are likely to be additional to those for the table, toilet and other types. That is why it is important to talk to either the HR department or the direct boss about this problem. They may not have anything to object to in this regard, but it is advisable to notify them. He also talks about the space to use to do this activity.

Some companies have special rooms or rooms for nursing mothers, others do not. In this case, if you have a separate office and you are alone, make a sign with "Do not disturb!" and hang it every time you collect your milk.

Notify your colleagues and ask them to help you if necessary!

It is important for them to know that you will take such breaks, because otherwise they will constantly wonder what you do when you leave the office so many times a day. In addition, you may need their help sometimes, when you are not in the office and someone is asking you for something or when you do not have a room in the company to breastfeed and leave you from time to time to collect baby milk. Maybe not all day, but twice a day and it would still be useful to you.

Also, you will definitely find an experienced mom to help you if you do not handle the first dates when you do this. You just have to ask someone! You don't have to be sad or stumble so much! In addition, you will certainly know how to reward the help received, whether you bring them a delicious apple pie that only you know how to prepare!

Make your bag for collecting!

Prepare her from home and keep her separate from your other things! It is important to store only those necessary for the "operation - collecting baby milk". Make sure you have it:

  • electric or manual milking pump;
  • several bottles for storage;
  • to have reservations that it is not known how much milk you collect;
  • a picture of the baby, it is said that if you look at the baby you can milk more easily;
  • a special brush for washing and cleaning bottles;
  • a bottle of water to drink and a stick.

Dress as light and simple!

Don't make it even harder! If you dress in all sorts of blouses or complicated dresses you will waste a lot of time and undress, not only to milk. The idea is to save as much time and as you get the experience to become a simple activity for you. But you need to contribute to these facilities a little.

It does not prevent you from unforeseen situations!

For example, the breasts may start to run or hurt very hard and announce to you that it is the case to wet them. Even if you are in a meeting, talk to the boss or at a meeting, do not hesitate to apologize and go to the bathroom. The need to collect breast milk for babies is no different than the need for another person to undergo treatment or to go for certain tests or medical visits.

Don't feel stupid, be proud of yourself!

Breastfeeding is the most important source of baby food, and the fact that you strive to continue this unique method of feeding despite the fact that you have returned to work is worthy of all praise. Your choices promote both your health and your baby's and not many women manage to do this. You are a great mom and you should be proud of yourself!